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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tattoo You

Joe has been talking about getting a tattoo. I just roll my eyes every time he brings it up.

He wants a four-leaf clover with each of our names in a leaf. I'm pretty sure it's never gonna happen because he doesn't like pain and I make my "ewwwww, tattoo" face every time he says it.

Well. Saturday evening we take the kids to boardwalk in Ocean City. Me & Maggie go one way (to the spinny, tilty, fast roller-coaster-type rides) and Joe takes Will to the round and round "monster-trucks", the choo choo train monorail, carousel, little bumper-car type rides.

We meet at our pre-arranged location (Fun-house) at the specified time, Maggie is running as fast as she can across the "Rickety Bridge" when the boys showed up. Joe says, "Hey Willz, show Mommy what you & Daddy did tonight."
My little blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby boy pulls up his shirt-sleeve aaannnnddd........

My men got matching tats.

It should only last about a week. I'm sure it will be pretty much gone after the holiday weekend as we'll be back down the shore from Thursday through Tuesday.

Sand, Sun, Saltwater, and the pool at the campground should bleach it before school starts.
Good thing too, since he's running out of sleeveless t-shirts.