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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sometimes husbands are more trouble than they're worth

Why am I married??

My sister-in-law is throwing a 30th birthday party for her boyfriend. She mentioned it in passing a few weeks ago. Last night Joe was on the phone with his sister & I overheard him telling her that he “has to work 9-5 at Villanova and then he’ll take the train into the city for the party and either take the train home or ask his brother for a ride.” About a half an hour later, we were watching TV & he was telling me about his hectic schedule for the rest of the week when casually turns to me & asks, “Oh, did you want to go too?”

Seriously?? It’s pretty plain to me that he didn’t think I’d be there as I’m certainly not driving into center-city with my kids by myself at night and since he was going to take the train & get a ride home with his brother, he knew I wasn’t planning on being there. Plus, his sister never ASKED me if I wanted to go; she was just telling me about the party plans. There was no actual invitation extended to me, so therefore, I assumed (I know, I know when one assumes…) that it was a “friends” type of party. However, that is not my gripe.

If a family member of yours extends and invitation to you, do you automatically assume that it is a FAMILY invitation or just you? Sometimes I think my husband forgets that he is a part of a COUPLE. We are married. There are the 2 of us AND our children.

It’s a damn good thing that our next-door neighbor is throwing a purse-party that evening so I will have something to do besides sit around & stew about Joe being out having fun without me.


Knot said...

My wife doesn't like my family so she would rather not go. Count yourself lucky you like your in-laws. He was just a little insensitive. Smack his nose and say, "Bad boy!" and move on.

Yo-yo Mama said...

That's ruder than hell for her to invite Joe and not you. The only excuse I can even come up with is that since the boyfriend is 30, she's only what? 22, 23? Young and ignorant.

But your husband? He definitely has no excuse for pulling a major brain fart. HE should have known better.

Christy said...

Husbands are colossal jackasses. Mine used to be the same way. Before we moved to NJ (and had children), John would make all these plan to go out with his friends, while I had to work. Then (at midnight when I was sleeping) he would call me to drive his drunk-ass home. It used to make my blood boil. Why didn't he ever make fun plans with me? I was just the ride home after the party. Asshole.

However John doesn't have any friends in NJ, so I haven't had to deal with his selfishness lately.

Catizhere said...

Turns out that Joe wasn't "invited" per se. He sort of invited himself. He wasn't planning on staying long & eating/drinking, just stopping in to wish our (we think) soon to be future brother-in-law happy birthday wishes and hang out for a little while.
He didn't go, btw. Maggie had given him the "puppy-eyes" and complained that he was out working every night last week and hadn't been home for movie-night in 2 weeks, so she guilted him into coming home right after 'Nova-fest.