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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sometimes husbands are more trouble than they're worth

Why am I married??

My sister-in-law is throwing a 30th birthday party for her boyfriend. She mentioned it in passing a few weeks ago. Last night Joe was on the phone with his sister & I overheard him telling her that he “has to work 9-5 at Villanova and then he’ll take the train into the city for the party and either take the train home or ask his brother for a ride.” About a half an hour later, we were watching TV & he was telling me about his hectic schedule for the rest of the week when casually turns to me & asks, “Oh, did you want to go too?”

Seriously?? It’s pretty plain to me that he didn’t think I’d be there as I’m certainly not driving into center-city with my kids by myself at night and since he was going to take the train & get a ride home with his brother, he knew I wasn’t planning on being there. Plus, his sister never ASKED me if I wanted to go; she was just telling me about the party plans. There was no actual invitation extended to me, so therefore, I assumed (I know, I know when one assumes…) that it was a “friends” type of party. However, that is not my gripe.

If a family member of yours extends and invitation to you, do you automatically assume that it is a FAMILY invitation or just you? Sometimes I think my husband forgets that he is a part of a COUPLE. We are married. There are the 2 of us AND our children.

It’s a damn good thing that our next-door neighbor is throwing a purse-party that evening so I will have something to do besides sit around & stew about Joe being out having fun without me.