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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

What Happens In Vegas.....

Joe is jetting his way to "Sin-City" right now. His friend, Bob, has stage 3 liver cancer. He's done the chemo thing and he's scheduled for surgery on June 12th. Las Vegas with his buddies is on his "bucket-list".

Joe's not a gambler, so he has trips to the Hoover Dam (I've asked him to bring the kids a DAM rock & some Dam water), The Grand Canyon & maybe (if he can find the balls) Skydiving. Him & one of the other guys might drive to L.A. to see the Phils play the Dodgers. Personally, I think thats a silly idea. He can see the Phillies play here and get PAID for it while working in the dugout.

I hope they have a great time and that Bob can break the bank and LIVE to spend it all on his wife & son.


DD said...

Not only do I hope for Bob what you do, but maybe he'll cut Joe in for halfsies.

All Adither said...

That is great of Joe to go and be part of that.