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Monday, May 11, 2009

Hello Old Friend

First beach pics of the year. I KNOW!! You guys are so excited, right?

Joe was working at the trailer. The toilet broke while we were opening up this year. Some little teensy-weensy metal thingy in the foot-flush pedal rusted out & when we turned on the water, it snapped. For 3 weeks, we had no running water in the bathroom at the trailer.

I am not cut out to be a pioneer woman. I really did not enjoy flushing with a bucket of water.

While he was busy with that, I took the kids to the beach.

Please enjoy the pics of my adorable children.

My children are a little bit INSANE! The water was 52 degrees on Saturday. They did not care. Mag's feet were so red & she said her toes felt "sharp". Must not have been too bad as she stayed in the surf, jumping waves and harassing the seagulls.
Being the bad mother that I am, I did NOT pack a change of clothes for Will. We were only supposed to stay for Saturday, but the weather was so nice, that we decided to stay until Sunday. They really didn't care that they were wet & full of sand.
They both cried when it was time to go back to the trailer for lunch & naps.
Nothing like a day at the beach to induce a 3 hour nap.


Knot said...

I miss those days of getting so worn out you just fall asleep anywhere.

Christy said...

Your pictures are lovely. I am glad you guys enjoy the DRY weekend. I didn't think it was ever going to stop raining, and then the weekend turned out to so be beautiful.

DD said...

I think I need to install a beach in the backyard, especially if it might mean that not only will both of my kids will nap, but AT THE SAME TIME!

OvaGirl said...

Kids look like they are in heaven and what a blissful sleep!

Kate W. said...

Man are they OUT!!! Love the pics. I know you don't want to hear how big they are... They are still cute!! :)

AmyMusing said...

Love these passed out kids pics. Aaaaaah.

I always felt a tugging at my conscience. A guilt tug. When I was never a more relaxed mom than when my kids were in a deep sleep.

Whatcha gonna do? A mom needs her rest, too! R&R shouldn't be a guilty pleasure.