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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Army Day

March Fourth.

March Forth.....Get it??

It's also my friend Trish's birthday. Happy Birthday Trish!

It was also my due-date for our lost babe.

I had forgotten about the significance of the day until I went to write the date on a folder here at work. I was in a pretty good mood until that hit me. I guess I will always feel this way about today. A little sad, but then I get glad again because now there's William.
Chocolate Donut loving Will.
How can I look at that face and want anything else??


Christy said...

Fun fact - today is my husband's birthday too.

Sorry friend. But I am so glad you have that adorable little chocolate eater:)

Midwest Mommy said...

My niece's birthday was this day too! she was born 3-4-5, I guess it was a busy day because everyone wanted to be induced that day to have a "cool" birth date. My sister didn't plan it, it just happened on its own :-)

em said...

Wow he's grown so much!! And co cute!!