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Thursday, February 26, 2009

My little pervert

When the kids were born, we opened 529 plans for them.

If Maggie wants to go to college, we should have her education paid for by the year 2022.

With Will, we joke about not saving for college, but his first bail payment.

Yesterday, I went to pick him up at daycare & Miss Amanda pulls me aside & says, "Oh. wait til you hear what William said to me today." Miss Amanda is maybe 24 years old, stands at around 5'4" and weighs maybe maybe 98 lbs. She's really cute & always in a good mood.

Amanda was straightening up the puzzles and was slightly bent at the waist since the shelves are at "kid-height". William comes up behind her, pokes her in the rear-end and says, "you have a cute butt." She laughed, thinking maybe she heard him wrong and asked him "What did you say?" He laughs back at her & says "You have a cute butt."

She thought it was funny, but I guess I have to stop grabbing his adorable little butt cheeks after bath time and telling him that he has a cute butt.


Knot said...

I do that and I get an express ride to HR or the police station.

Christy said...

HA! Crazy kid!

DD said...

Aren't you just a tad jealous he didn't do it to you?