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Monday, November 17, 2008


I'm so glad to be back at work. No, really.

We were all sick this weekend. Will was sent home from daycare on Thursday. He vomited once there, but not again all night, so he went back on Friday and was fine.

Friday night, Joe was working, so the kids & I had a little piece of ham steak and noodles. I had a glass of wine around 9ish and went to bed at 10ish. At 12:45 I woke with that, "OH NO!! I GOTTA GO!!" feeling and sure enough, the runs. ewwwww. I go back to bed & wake at 2:something feeling all oogey in the tummy. yep. I'm sick. get up a couple more times in the night.

Saturday Joe comes home from work with a queasy stomach. He goes to bed a t 6pm. I hear him in the bathroom around 7:30.
I get Maggie ready for bed at 8:00. As I'm helping her with the footies, she says, "I think I'm gonna puke Mom." She tears down the hallway trailing her snowboarding penguin footie pjs behind her. "HOLD MY HAIR!!!" she yells. I drag my sorry ass into the bathroom with a scrunchie & tie her hair up for her. While she's barfing, I run the cold water in the sink & get a washcloth to put on her forehead. She's a little trooper. She does what needs to be done & straightens back up, grabs a tissue, wipes her eyes & blows her nose (she cries too when she gets sick) turns to me & says, "ok I'm done." I wipe her face with the cool washcloth & give her a little cup of tepid water to rinse her mouth. She gargles a few times and spits. I pull her jammies up & zip her in. We walk back to her room, I'm rubbing her back as we go. She crawls into bed, grabs Roger-Belle (her stuffed tiger) and curls up. I put her Princess trashcan next to her bed & tell her that if she needs to be sick later in the night and doesn't think she can make it to the bathroom, just use this. I'll hear you & come to you. I kiss her little clammy forehead and shuffle back to my bed. Sure enough, four hours later I hear her being sick. After she's done, we head to the bathroom to clean up and I tuck her back in. While I'm heading back to my room, Joe comes out and rushes to the bathroom. Oh, god will it never end??

I woke Sunday morning to a clear blue sky and sun pouring into my room, a new day has dawned. May it be puke free. Sure enough, the sickfest has ended. We're all too weak to do much, but we *did* manage to go to Target & spend $140 on a bunch of clothes for Maggie a few tshirts for Will and some stuff for Joe's birthday (which is today). I also managed to go food shopping & late last night, I baked cupcakes for Joe's 46th. Wow. He's old.
Tonight, we'll order hot wings & get some beer (Favorite-dinner-for-the-birthday-person-tradition) open presents & eat cupcakes. Hopefully, no one will puke.


Kellan said...

I'm glad to hear the sickness has passed - eeeek! Glad you got to go to Target too - tee hee!

Hope you have a good week - Kellan

Knot said...

I'm glad it was short lived. I'm the one in the house who can handle the puke. Everyone else is a sissy. You went from puking to beer and wings. Amazing.


Christy said...

Yikes! I hope everyone is doing much better today.

Eva said...

Puking. Ugh.

Aunt Becky said...

Glad it passed, dude. I get all emotional and grossed out when my kids barf. It makes me a terrible parent, I know. And perhaps even a worse nurse.

CC said...

I hear you about sometimes being so glad to be back at work!!! The summer (love it, don't get me wrong) seems to last FOREVER!!!