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Friday, November 07, 2008

One down, 19 to go

Guess what happened to Maggie last night??

Give up? She lost her first tooth! Well, she didn't lose it, we know where it is. In a little glass jar to keep forever and ever.

At her last dentist appointment, Dr. C told me that her bottom front teeth were both loose and he expected them to be out within 2-3 weeks. That was Oct 13th. He's pretty good huh?

She cried a little while we were wiggling it & trying to get it out, but once it popped free, she was ecstatic! Really. Jumping up & down, cheering, showing Will her teeny-tiny little tooth.

After we carefully wrapped it up in a tissue and put it under her pillow, she went to sleep & I headed for the internet. I found a website that had free, customizable letters from the Tooth Fairy. I printed one out, taped a crisp $1 bill to the letter & swapped it out for the tooth.

She's growing up so fast. It's scary.


Knot said...

You know they come in in a certain order I guess they go out in an order as well. Interesting.

Did the tooth fairy visit? What's the tooth fairy's rate these days?


Catizhere said...

KNOT: She got a dollar.
We used to get quarters when we were kids. Joe almost ALMOST had me convinced that I needed to go to the ATM & give her 5 bucks. First tooth & all, make a big deal.
Nah, I think $1 is fine.

Christy said...

So exciting!

Kellan said...

She's so darling - YIPPIE for the Tooth Fairy!

Take care and have a good weekend - Kellan

Katrina said...

Awwwww! I love those snaggletooth pics! She's so cute!