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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Farewell to the Seashore

Last weekend, we started closing the trailer for the winter. I snapped these pics from the promenade.

This past Friday, the kids and I closed the "beachhouse". All the linens were packed & brought home, the plants were brought home, the beach toys were cleaned off & stored under the trailer, the bikes were put away, deck chairs stacked, covered & stored.

We spent the morning cleaning the counters, mopping, vacuuming, cleaning the windows. Not much fun.

Before we made our way back home, we stopped at the beach to say our goodbyes.

Will was not happy. He kept telling me, "No, Mama, no say bye-bye to da oh-chin"

He's crying in this shot.

Maggie is used to this little tradition of ours. It's a sad day, yes, but she knows that in a mere 169 days we can come back & re-open the trailer.

After wishing the beach a Happy Winter, we got back in the car & drove home.

The drive home was highlighted by the trees starting to turn.

Yes, again, I am taking pictures while driving. In my defense, there was not another soul on the road with us at that particular time of day.

Joe & I will have to take at least one more trip down to winterize & roll up the awning, so by then the foliage should be gorgeous.


Knot said...

Is that what you kids are calling "it" these days, "rolling up the awning".


Christy said...

I didn't get to the beach one time this summer. So sad.

OvaGirl said...

I enjoyed this a lot, the farewelling of the beach, the tears of your son, the final glimpses, the illicit car photos, and I felt sad because the days would get shorter and winter was coming and then i remembered i live on the other side of the world and woo hoo, summer is coming!
Sorry, is that smug? It is, isn't it.
hee hee!

Sugar and Ice said...

You have a beach trailer??? How cool is that! You're a lucky girl!!

Midwest Mommy said...

Oh how fun that you have a beach place to go to in the summer.
What great family memories.

Kellan said...

Oh, it is sad, isn't it?! There were be next year.

We go to the lake this coming weekend to close up the lake house for the winter too - I never enjoy that either.

Nice to se eyou Cat - take care - Kellan