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Friday, October 24, 2008

Bloody mess

Will has a cold. The air in my house is dry. This is the perfect combination for middle of the night nosebleeds. He woke up at, oohhhh, around 5:07 this morning, whining pathetically, "Mbammmmba, Mbammmmba, hmmmmwaaah" He stumbled into our room clutching his blankie, and climbed into bed with me. I elbowed Joe & told him to get up & go to work, then promptly fell back to sleep. When my alarm went off at 5:45, I took a shower, made the coffee, got dressed, did my face & hair. I dragged Maggie out of bed, got her morning grooming finished, sent her downstairs for breakfast, went into my room to get Will up & found a crime scene on my pillows. Poor widdle kiddo. As I was cleaning the gore & bloody, crusty boogers from his face, it started again. I took him into his room to get dressed and his pillow and comforter was a mess too. Gah. I stripped the bed linens & sprayed them with Holler or Shout or whatever that stuff is called. Threw them in the washer. I'll have to go home at lunch today & see if I have to run them through another cycle.

On a side note, Joe was picking Maggie up at school yesterday afternoon and overheard a few Moms talking about trick-or-treat. Apparently, in our new town, they trick-or-treat on Mischief night. WTF?? Halloween is FRIDAY people! Being my usual distrusting self, I called boro hall this morning to ask if this were true. The secretary told me that there was a flyer being put in everyone mailbox today outlining the time frame(??!) for trick-or-treating on THURSDAY.

Does anyone else out there live where the boro rearranges holidays for no apparent reason?
I simply cannot think of a reason for this. Joe is a police officer & he doesn't understand it either. The town he works in has a extra officers on duty on for Mischief night & a full force on for Halloween night. They also have a few guys at the fire house to help with the checking of candy. Hopefully, the flyer will explain it.


DD said...

That's just stupid and I've never heard of such a thing. On the other hand, take your kids out both nights and double the cavity-inducing fun!

(about the "michief night", not the bloody nose)

Christy said...

That is the goofiest thing I have ever heard. Kids should celebrate Halloween on HALLOWEEN.

And poor little Will:(

Knot said...

No don't live in that buro or is it burro? Maybe it's burrito.

I do go to a church that doesn't celebrate Easter, it's "Resurrection Sunday," and we have a "Fall Carnival" not Halloween.

Good gosh people!


Catizhere said...

Knot: I don't think its a religious "thing". I'm more inclined to belive that the township wants to make sure that there are enough police officers on the street to keep everyone safe.

On the bright side, I can take the kids trick-or-treating here on Thursday, then over to my Mom's and my In-laws on Friday night. Like DD says, "double the cavity-inducing fun"

Sugar and Ice said...

Umm...yeah, that's really weird. I've heard of switching trick or treat night to a Friday when it's on Thursday but never the other way around.

OvaGirl said...

I have never heard of mischief night. I can't even really get my head around celebrating halloween in Australia - but any excuse to take candy from strangers!