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Friday, September 19, 2008

Holy Matrimony, Batman!!

Today is my anniversary. 16 years of wedded "bliss". My, how time flies.

To celebrate, at 4 PM today, we will be joining our very good friends Mike & Kellie at their wedding! Joe will be the best man. I get to do the 2nd reading. I wonder if we'll be able to get together & hold hands or something during the exchange of vows, so we can sort of renew our vows.

This promises to be a very Irish-themed wedding; Mike has a drum & fife group scheduled to play as they are leaving the church and at the reception. Should be pretty good time!


Knot said...

Wow 16 years. Some of us under 10 would like to know how you keep it fun exciting and spicy.


Christy said...

Happy anniversary!

DD said...

Happy Anniversary!! 16 years? Wow. I hope you get more than just some whiskey and whoopee for all that time.

Sugar and Ice said...

Happy Anniversary!!

OvaGirl said...

OOh congratulations and happy anniversary. 16 years is very impressive!