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Monday, September 15, 2008

1st full week of Kindergarten

ME: So, what did you do in school today?
MAGGIE: Played.
ME: Really? Well, did you learn anything?
MAGGIE: No. Just played. With Abigail, Erin & Jeanine.
ME: Hmm. So how do like Kindergarten so far?
MAGGIE: It's alright.

For this, I'm paying over 2K a year.

I was "Snack-Mom" on Friday. I sent in 4 bags of presliced apples & caramel dipping sauce. (I should have sent martinis as was the suggestion from PeevedMichelle) I put the shopping bag in her backpack, with strict instructions to give the bag to Ms. H. Guess who left the bag in her packpack all day? Yep. When I went to pick her up after school, I grabbed her bag from the hook & almost gave a little boy a concussion. Don't you think at snack time, Ms. H. would have asked Maggie what snack she had brought in for the class?

I hope they don't think I'm a deadbeat.


Christy said...

That is weird. So, they just didn't have snack and the teacher never questioned Maggie?

Knot said...

I get the same thing from my kid. But fortunately for both of us play is how kids learn.


DD said...

When the kids in K had to bring snacks, they brought them in a special bucket. It was a physical reminder to the parents and the kids. Can't fit a bucket in your backpack, don't you know?

Rachel said...

I guess play time is a good thing. I have so far to go but I am sure they will pick things up after they have been in school for a little.