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Monday, August 18, 2008

Saturday at the pool / my mini stroke

The kids & I went to the trailer this weekend. Not anything new, we go every weekend.
This weekend, Maggie has "besided" (decided) that we will go to the pool first, go back to the trailer, have lunch, Will can nap & then go to the beach for late afternoon. After dinner, we could all go to the Promenade for the music. (I should have named her Julie)

After an hour or so of standing in the water, catching Will as he jumps off the side of the pool, talking Maggie through her strokes (She has had 3 different swim classes in the past 4 years, WHY can't she swim???) I decided that I was sufficiently pruned and that we should head back to the house. While I was trying to convince Will that he needed to put his shoes on, towelling off, and trying to stuff the towels/sunblock/swimmies into the pool bag, Maggie says she wants to take one more quick dip.

I was busy with Will and it didn't hit me until I heard the note of panic in her "MOMMY!!!"

She never put her swimmies back on. She went down the first 3 steps and pushed off the bottom step into the 4 foot deep water. As I spun around, heart in my throat, clutching the ladybug swimmies I had been attempting to stuff into the bag, I saw her little face under the water, blue eyes HUGE, she broke the surface of the water, and dog paddled back to the steps.

"Mommy, did you SEE me??!! I was SWIMMING! With NO swimmies!!"

Yes, Peach, I saw you swim. You forgot to put your swimmies on, huh? Were you scared?

"When I didn't feel all "poofy" in the water, I knowed I forgot to put them on , but then I bemembered to keep some air in me so I would float and I just keep kicking my feet. I knew I could do it. "

Next time, wait for me to be in the pool before you decide to swim without the swimmies on, OK?

"Sure Mom, I can't wait to tell Daddy that I swimmed without no swimmies on!"

Swam without swimmies, Peachie-pie.

"Huh?? Oh yeah, whatever"


Kellan said...

Oh, I've had these moments - EEEEK! She is so cute, though! I'm glad she was okay. Sounds like a fun day!

Have a good day today. It's raining like crazy here - Kellan

Christy said...

Oh my goodness. I bet you were so scared.

On a happier note, maybe she will finally get the hang of swimming?

Clink said...

Bemembered, hehehe.
Oh how I love conversations with the little ones.

OvaGirl said...

ARGH Cat! Way to have a heart attack. Congrats for sounding so calm and collected. And very exciting for Maggie. (I loved the way you wrote this because I really thought it was going the other way)

WonderMama said...

Gabriel fell into our pool yesterday. I was sitting not 5 feet from him, on the steps, and it still took 10 years off my life.

I hope this helped Maggie build some confidence and she's now swimming sans swimmies!

Sugar and Ice said...

That would have scared me to death as well. It's great that she may have overcome her fear though.

Beth Fish said...

Well, good for her with the swimming and all, but oh my heavenly biscuits how did you not just stroke out right there?

Kellan said...

Hi Cat - hope you are well and having a good weekend. Thanks for coming by and I'll see you soon - Kellan

Kellan said...

Hi Cat - hope you are well and having a good weekend. Thanks for coming by and I'll see you soon - Kellan