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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

to kill my husband or not

I don't know if I should kill him or just hurt him a little.

Monday night, he was in pain from a cortisone shot in his foot (OUCH!!) so he took a Perc0cet before bed. Percs make Joe a little "goofy". He doesn't get sleepy, he just gets silly. While he's all Per'cd up, he likes to talk to me while I'm trying to go to sleep. Monday's night conversation was the differences between Barack & Hillary. After a slight difference of opinion, he started his next sentence like this:

Joe: "Let me explain this to you in a way that you can understand."
ME: :::THUMPATHUMPATHUMPATHUMPA::::: the sound of the blood pounding in my ears.
Joe: "WhanWhanWahnWah, WhanWhanWhanWha" (Like Charlie Brown's teacher)

I didn't hear anything after "In a way that you can understand"
After a few noncommital grunts and Uh-huh's from me, he let me go to sleep.

Now while I undertand that he didn't mean to imply that my IQ (134 in high school, if you want to know) was in question ,I was pissed off at him all day Tuesday.
While we were having dinner Tuesday night, I brought it up that he sort of offended me the night before. When I told him what he had said, he apologized profusely and told me that he doesn't remember saying it.

After we were finished eating, he said, "Lemme make it up to you. Don't worry about the dishes tonight."

I said, "Oh, THANK YOU!!" (We had fried chicken, veggies & mashed potatoes, so there were A LOT of dishes)

Joe says, "Yeah, No biggie, you can do them in the morning."

I think it is his gift of being able to ALWAYS make me laugh that saves his ass.


Kellan said...

Oh, I'm glad you made up and he was so smart to find something to do for you!!

Have a good evening - see you soon- Kellan

Edge said...

I think he gets a free pass because he was high ... or at least buzzed. I got like that when I had to get dem0ral shots.

Go easy on him, he was in pain. Just think of him as Otis from The Andy Griffith Show.


Christy said...

He really did the dishes though - right?

DD said...

Men should have one or these two highly sought after qualities:

1) sense of humor
2) George Clooney looks

Since most men lack in #2, they better make sure to pump up #1.

Lainey-Paney said...

that reminds me of the time that I said something about not doing a chore over the weekend...or something not getting done, and my husband piped out: "What, are you going to be out of town?"

The boy did not miss a beat, I swear. If it hadn't been so funny & perfectly timed, I'd have hit him over the head with a frying pan.

jennie said...

my husband's ability to make me laugh really is one of my favorite things.

that, and when he really does do the dishes.

Clink said...

Sounds like my husband! He said something like that on Mother's Day.
In his defense though...I have had cortizone in the foot...OMG OW!