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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Meaningless Drivel

A few thoughts that are running around on the treadwheel in my head.:

I shut my right index finger in the truck door last Monday. First of all, how the hell did I do that?? I was standing on the sidewalk facing the car. I had put a box on the front passenger side seat. I shut the door with my right hand. How did my finger manage to get in there? Anyway.... the cut is pretty deep. It's right at the 1st knuckle so typing is difficult, writing is painful and that's usually the finger that Will holds when we're walking anywhere. It hurts.
I probably should have got a stitch or five. Now, I'm thinking that it's getting infected. The skin around the cut is raised and dry looking, but the tip of my finger and the area surrounding the cut is really warm to the touch. The swelling has gone down considerably. but it's still swollen.

The Powers That Be here at work have made the decision to move the accounting dept into a teeny-tiny little area of the Import dept. Have I mentioned before how much I HATE moving?
I think the P.T.B. should pack up all this paper & move it themselves.

My husband is driving me crazy. Not in a good way. Not only did he forget to pay the car insurance (yes. I am driving around with no insurance. GAH!) He also needed have his vehicle inspected by yesterday. Guess who didn't take care of that? Asshole.

I forgot my purse today.


DD said...

Just a tip: I leave my purse in the car (which drives Mr. DD insane!). Hell, it's in a locked garage in the middle of nowhere for pete's sake!

Sugared Harpy said...

Oh poor you! I'm sending lots of hugs today!

Christy said...

Yikes! Definitely get your finger checked out - especially if it is still very painful.

Husbands are a pain in the ass. My husband often forgets to pay my credit card bill, and then I get these HUGE penalty charges. So frustrating.

Em said...

Sounds a crap day/week!! Can only get better!!