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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Mother Pus Bucket!

What a way to start the weekend.

I was gently awakened from my peaceful slumber by Maggie poking me in the forehead saying, "Wake up sleepyhead!" I opened one eye & saw that it was 6:45. What 4 1/2 year old wakes up at 6:45 on a SATURDAY??! I roll out of bed, get dressed, feed the little so and so her breakfast. Go back upstairs, wake Will who has once again, peed through his Pamper & soaked the bedding. The bedding that I washed Friday afternoon & put on his bed last night! I should have taken that as an omen & gone back to bed.

I loaded the kids into the truck & drove to the bank. I HATE going to the bank. I had to cash my paycheck from the 2nd job. They do not offer direct deposit.
I took a second job cleaning offices. People, be nice to your cleaning crew. Please don't throw half empty cups of coffee in your wastebasket. Don't try to see if you can stuff that Overnight envelope into your trashcan; the liners, they are cheap. They rip. Most companies put a spare bag in your trash can (I do, anyway) use it.
Aaaannyway, we're at the bank. I park the truck, get the kids out, there is a pickup truck waiting to get out. I stand at the bumper of my truck & wave him on. There is a car parked (illegally) at the MAC machine. White truck goes around the car & smashes into the side of my truck, breaking a piece of trim & the tail light. No major damage right? Dude gets out of his truck, comes over & makes a big fuss about how sorry he is & makes all friendly with the kids. There is no need for the cops since no one was hurt & the damage is minimal. He writes down his name, address & phone # and gives me the name of his mechanic so I can take the truck there & he'll pay to have it fixed. Cool. Off we go. I go to the bank, go to Target, get back home & call Joe at work to tell him about the taillight.
Joe says, "Oh, give me his information, I'll call him & tell him that it's no big deal, we can get the taillight for about $20.00, I can fix it myself." I give him the info & He calls back telling me that some little old lady answered the phone & had never heard of David Stone (the name the guy gave me).
Since Joe is a cop, he logged into whatever system the cops use to track people down and ran the info that I gave him & there is no such address. Son of a Bitch!

At least I'm pretty sure the guy is local since he was at the bank branch. It's a stand alone branch so there was no other place of business he could have been there using. I didn't bother checking his license since I had the kids there & was in a hurry. What an ass I am. But, I'm an ass with a mile wide mean streak. I didn't get the guys plate #, but I DO remember what the truck looked like & I'm VERY good with remembering faces, so if I see this loser around again, you can be sure that I will get his name & CORRECT information and this $20.00 lens that he's trying to dick me out of will be MUCH more expensive.

Man, it sucks to be me lately. But hopefully, good times are rolling around again. It's only 1 more month til we can open the trailer, the Phillies are back on the field & daylight savings starts again on the 9th!


Dooneybug said...

What a putz! I would go back to the bank and see if they can help you identify him!

Catizhere said...

I've been kicking myself all night! Calling MYSELF a putz! Sometimes I am too trusting.

I thought about that, but if he gave me the wrong name, how could they help? The only other thing I was thinking was if the bank has cameras in the parking lot, I might be able to pull up the plate # of the scumbag & chase him down that way. I'll be in the area of the bank again today & they have hours from 12 - 4 so maybe I will stop in & ask.

t_cole said...

do. stop in.
and i hope Hope HOPE you end up running into this guy again.
typically fate steps in and brings things like this full circle.

Here's to Fate!

(and good old fashioned revenge!)

Anonymous said...

Peeing through diapers:
The only ones that worked/work for my boys are Huggies Overnights.

Oh & karma will get that jerk.


DD said...

I would also ask them to check their cameras. Sooner rather than later as they may only keep recordings for so long.

This time, you'll have to make him go through his insurance and maybe even Joe can give him a scare by reporting false information. Asshole.

As for Maggie getting up early...doesn't she know how to work the remote? That's the kind of weekend care we give to our early riser, who prefers an even 6:00 a.m. wake up time.

Christy said...

Two jobs? That sounds tough. I've worked two jobs before, and it is exhausting. How are you functioning?

Porgie used to pee through her diaper at night ALL THE TIME, but I found a great solution. We use "Huggies Night Time" diapers. They sell them at Target. I use the cheap grocery store brand diapers during the day and the Huggies at night. They are expensive, but a pack lasts forever because I only use one per day. Also, they sell "diaper doublers" at my local grocery store (genuardi's). We use these and a night time diaper with Izzy, since he nurses ALL NIGHT LONG. I haven't had a baby leak in months.

Christy said...

I just read your comments and Jen was right. They are called "Huggies Overnight."