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Friday, February 22, 2008


Thankfully, It's Friday. My workload is usually very easy on Fridays. I spend good part of my day playing on the Internet anyway.

When we went to bed last night, they prognosticators were calling for 1 - 3 " of snow starting around 3 am. I had a good feeling that daycare would be closed.

Sure enough, when the alarm went off at 6, I got up, took a shower, made the coffee, turned on the news & there was the Daycare listed as "CLOSED". Whoo-Hoo! I let the kids sleep in. Of course Will was up at 7 anyway, Maggie is STILL asleep at 7:53 a.m. She'll wake up soon enough.

After some nice hot oatmeal, we'll put our snow pants & boots on & go outside to play in the snow for a bit.

Happy Friday everyone.


Edge said...

Will they be up at 3 AM to measure it?


Catizhere said...

You wouldn't BELIEVE the hype!
News shoes started at 4:00a.m. to cover the "major" winter storm.

Yes, we *did* get about 3" of snow, but it's supposed to change over to rain by this afternoon.

People in this area don't know how to deal with snow. There are several women in work who refuse to drive in the snow. Me? When I was learning to drive, the first couple of snowstorms my dad took me to a parking lot and we would do "do-nuts" so that I knew what it felt like to spin out & how to recover from a spin. I bought a new car in 2000, & I did the same thing.
Now I have a 4WD Explorer so I don't worry too much about it, but I also know not to let that give me a false sense of security & I know that I have my kids in the car with me now so I am a very careful driver.

Catizhere said...

HAHA! I really should spellcheck every now & then. NEWS SHOWS, not shoes.

Christy said...

Porgie played in the snow today too. She cried when I made her come in.

Chas said...

I LOVE snow days! Of course, we didn't get one the entire time I was teaching, but I loved them when I was a kid.

Em said...

I am so jealous, i'd have been excited, we only had a slight covering all winter-gutted