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Monday, November 19, 2007

Conversations with Maggie

All conversations took place over the weekend:

Maggie: HI! I’m four. I’ll be 5 in 7 months, then I can go to REAL school.
Man at Home Depot: Oh, that’s nice.
Maggie: What’s your name?
Man at Home Depot: My name is Frank. What’s yours?
Maggie: My name is Princess Buttercup.

Daddy: Hey, Mag-a-roni, tell Mommy what stores we went to this morning.
Maggie: We goed to Fashion-Wholesale-Liquid-taters, then WalMart, then Home Depot, then to then PET STORE!!!
Mommy: Oh, God. No.
Maggie: But Mommy, they had the CUTEST little guinea pig.
Mommy: Oh, God. No. Please.
Maggie: She was light brown, has a little pink nose, I will name her Buttercup.
Mommy: Oh, God. No. Please. Pretty please.

Daddy: Maggie, are you going to be a good girl at the restaurant and eat all of your dinner?
Maggie: Oh, yes, I will. Pinkie-promise.

Mommy: Mags, here’s your towel, lets get you out of the tub & get your jammies on.
Maggie: I was in the tub so long that my fingers are all wrinkledy.
Mommy: Yep, you are all wrinkledy.
Maggie: WOW! Now I’m so cold, I’m shimmering!
Mommy: You mean shivering?
Maggie: NO!! I’m shimmering! And my teeth are chatter-ding too!


DD said...

I think a guinea pig would make a most excellent xmas present for a girl like Maggie. Hey, it's better than a duck, trust me.

Houston said...

Guinea Pigs are cool, pretty low maintenance pets.

When your WIFE starts wanting an anklebiter dog, THAT's when the trouble starts!

Christy said...

How cute! Maggie sounds like a funny little girl. I bet she makes everyone laugh.

Lainey-Paney said...

so cute!

Em said...

I love guinea pigs, i agree good pet but you'd need TWO so not lonely!

Kellan said...

So cute - all these wonderful conversations and precious misprounced words!!! See ya.