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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Your Momma says "YOU UGLY"

Not only do our professional sports teams suck, we're not as pretty as you either.

So, we're one of the fattest cities (Hey! If YOU had soft pretzels, tastykakes, Hershey's & cheesesteaks, you'd be fat too!)

Our teams SUUUCK! With the exception of the Flyers, but the season is early. There's still plenty of time to choke. The Phillies will always be my #1 team (Chase Utley is soooo cute!) good or bad, I watch & cheer on my beloved Phils.


Kellan said...

Ummm - Hershey's!! That article is so sad, in a funny way. So was your post. See ya.

Momish said...

I didn't realize you were located in Philly. Me too!

Ugh! I heard about this on B101 and was shocked, I admit. How awful, especially considering that there are so many attractive people here!!!

Philly is always getting a bad rap in my opinion.

Like you, I still root for those Eagles. They can never say we are fickle fans, that's for certain.

Lainey-Paney said...

u-g-l-y you ain't got no alibi!
I haven't thought of that song in years...so your post brought a smile to my face!

Katrina said...

That sure does explain why my in-laws are so mean. ;o)

And now I am craving a cheesesteak! Last one I had was before our IVF...I do have pics but it's just not the same. :o(

Oh, The Joys said...

Cheese steaks at the ready!

Kellan said...

Just came over to say hi and thanks for coming by my blog. I always look forward to seeing you - I'll see you soon. Have a great Sunday - see ya.

Kellan said...

It's me again. I loved the comment you left on my post this morning. What your daughter said was just precious - aren't they just delightful? Have a good day. See ya.

Jenny said...

I feel your pain. We're fat and not so great at sports too.

Oh and smoggy. don't forget smoggy.