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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Your Momma says "YOU UGLY"

Not only do our professional sports teams suck, we're not as pretty as you either.

So, we're one of the fattest cities (Hey! If YOU had soft pretzels, tastykakes, Hershey's & cheesesteaks, you'd be fat too!)

Our teams SUUUCK! With the exception of the Flyers, but the season is early. There's still plenty of time to choke. The Phillies will always be my #1 team (Chase Utley is soooo cute!) good or bad, I watch & cheer on my beloved Phils.

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Crreeeeeper

Mag sat for 30 minutes in the "time-out" chair last night.

She didn't take her usual nap in the car on the way home from the shore, so yeah, she was tired.
We had company for the football game and she was a tad over-stimulated.

A few of the infractions include:

∙She knows that she's not allowed to sit upside down on the sofa.
∙She knows that she can't knock Will over just because he's playing with her stuff.
∙She knows that she's not permitted to have a glass of orange soda in the living room (of course she spilled it).
∙She knows that it is NOT O.K. to punch your father in the mouth breaking his tooth & cutting his lip because he kept teasing her about the ghoul that scared her almost out of her pants on Friday night*.

The last incident was what put us over the edge. Duh! Ya think?
You see, Wednesday afternoon when I went to pick the kids up at daycare, Ms. Nicole told me that Mag had been in Time out and was not permitted to go to the park with the rest of her class for hitting Ms. Amy. Amy was trying to referee a disagreement between Maggie & other child over who's turn it was on the PC. When Amy gave the mouse to the other child, Maggie smacked her on the arm & yelled "NOT FAIR!!!" at her.

We had the "talk" with her about how we don't hit, hitting is not nice, etc.etc.etc...
Joe had her pinkie-promise that she would not hit anyone again.

Friday night, Maggie told me that she hit another girl in school. I didn't tell Joe because I really didn't feel like listening to him harangue on & on & on about how he's a policeman & he takes people to JAIL for hitting (Is that wrong or is it just me?)

I'm more of a sit you down, yell at you & get it over with disciplinarian while Joe is more of the humiliation & degradation school of thought.

I thought that the half hour in the chair was bad enough, but he just kept harping on her about how he can't believe that she would HIT!HER!DADDY! after they *just* had that talk about hitting. blahblahblah..... How it was o.k. if Will plays with her cell-phone & magic wand since she was in TIME OUT and couldn't play with any of her things anyway...Every time she as much as shifted her weight, he would bark at her to SIT UP STRAIGHT! SIT STILL!
All I wanted to do was take her upstairs, get her bathed & put into bed. She knows that what she did was wrong.

Once she was finally freed of the chair, she took a nice warm bath where there were Mommy hugs and gentle words all around. Freshly scrubbed & shampooed, she went downstairs in her pjs to have her nightly "snuggle & sniff" with Daddy. (He always smells her hair & tells her that she smells deee-licious). He refused. He actually turned her away and told her that he was still not very happy with her. Her little face just crumpled. I carried her back upstairs, (giving Joe the evil eye as I went past) and got her calmed down again. Poor little bunny.

I went back downstairs and ripped into him like I've never done before. I didn't stop his version of punishment in front of Maggie, united front and all that hoo-ha, but I let him know that I was not in agreement with his type of discipline. A child should never be told that they are bad. There are bad choices and bad actions, but I don't think you should ever tell your baby that they are bad.

When he was ready to go to bed I made sure that he stopped in her room & smelled her, and gave her a kiss goodnight. As soon as we walked into her room, she sat up in bed and with fresh tears in her eyes all sincerity said, "Oh, Daddy! I'm so sorry I was bad at you. Can we be best friends again? Please?"

Needless to say, they are as thick as thieves, like peas in a pod. Really, they are like THIS.

* - Friday night Joe decides that Will should NOT be a lion for Halloween (too cutesie, says he)
So, we trudge out looking for a Superman/Batman/Bob-the-builder/anythingbutacutelittlelion costume. We go to the local Kmart because I am not spending 20 bucks for a costume this kid will wear once. I've already spent $15 on material/pattern to make the frigging lion costume.
While we are in the Halloween aisle, there is a life size ghoul with glowing red eyes, who groans and moans when you walk past him. Not thinking, I pull the cart directly in front of this fellow and stop to look at candy bars. I'm hardly paying any attention to her because, well... candy bars. 3 Musketeers. Hershey bars, SNICKERS, Oh my.
A strange keening noise breaks through my reverie. Oh, that wailing? That would be my kid. She catches this thing out of the corner of her eye, does a classic scooby-doo double take and proceeds to freak right-the-hell-out. She damn near climbed out of the cart trying to put as much space as possible between her & that creeper! Her word. Creeper. But you have to say it like this.... Crrreeeeeeper with a sort of Vincent Price accent to it.
She was sitting in Joe's lap & he kept saying, "Crrreeeeper" she had turned to him and asked, "Daddy, will you please stop saying CRREEEEPER to me?" After the 2nd time, she turned and hit him with a right jab that on any other day would have made him proud.

He has a dentist appt on Wednesday to get his tooth fixed. I almost hope that the Dr. forgets to numb him up before he starts.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


I need to make a few life changes.

I want to quit my job & find something else. Maybe a “middle-shift” job so that I can stay home with the kids during the day & Joe can be with them at night.
This would essentially save us over a thousand dollars a month in daycare costs.

I think that if I were home, the house would be kept neater, the laundry would get finished & put away, meals would be more nutritionally sound, and I would get to watch my kids grow up.

My current employer doesn’t have any shift-work, besides the fact that I really don’t like my boss very much anymore. I used to get along with her just fine. But after having the kids, she doesn’t seem to realize that they will ALWAYS come first in my life. Not work.
Lately she’s been so negative about EVERYTHING.
It’s getting to the point where I dread getting dressed & going to work on Wednesdays & Thursdays.

I don’t think I’d be disciplined enough to work from home. First, we don’t have a room that could be considered an “office”, just the computer desk on the front porch. Second, there would be 2 kids there asking for juice-boxes or Pee-Wee’s Playhouse on Demand every 15 minutes, or a trip to the playground so how much work could I possibly get done?? Third, I have no marketable skills. Sure, I’ve been in the Accounting field for almost 17 years, but I have no degree, just on-the-job-learning.
I can only type about 45 wpm, so I think medical transcription is out. (My sister does this from home & is very, very good at it.) SO… Wide World Webernets, know anyone who’s looking for an undereducated, hard working, quick learning, positive person to fill a position that would allow me to work from say… 3:30 to 11:00 pm?? Well if you do,
let me know.