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Friday, August 17, 2007


A few things:

1.) Will's Dr's appointment went fine. There is still a mild dilation of the ureter, but nothing to worry about. He goes back in a year for follow-up.

2.) Got the phone bill today. $118.74 for calls to Ireland. DAYUM!! I told her she could use the phone, but I was thinking, to order a pizza; to check on the other kids; to schedule outings. Not to spend 409 minutes over the course of her month here. Would it be bad manners to drop her an email and ask her to "contribute" to the bill? Heck, we even bought one of those pre-paid phones with a couple hours worth of minutes on it for her to use while she was here. :::SIGH:::

3.) When is DD going to publish #500????

4.) Should I have a chicken quesadilla or pizza for dinner tonight?


DD said...

I *just* did, you whiner.

I would just email her and say, "I got the phone bill and it was $120. How much would you like to pay of that now and how much would you like to pay monthly?"

Never ask a yes or no question when you want something.

lala said...

I missed something, who stayed at your house for a month and called Ireland?

Oh, The Joys said...

Go with the chicken!

Em said...

Yeah who called Ireland? Not that i am likely to know only just started reading your blog but nosey anyway!