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Monday, August 13, 2007

Oh! Elizabeth, It's the big one, I'm coming to join you honey!

When we first bought our house, we had wall to wall carpet installed. It's a sort of dark teal-ish green, jade-ish color. Think Philadelphia Eagles Jersey color.

Then we were stupid enough to rescue a puppy from the street & make him our own. Benny decided to repay our kindness by peeing all over the living room. After Maggie was born and we caught Benny running around the house with her toys in his mouth, we decided to get rid of him. He wasn't very good with strangers, little kids and loud noises. He barked at the neighbors. I know that that is a dog's job. To bark at people. Usually when they knock on OUR door, but when the guy 5 houses up on the other side of the street decides to take his garbage out, I don't think that is a barkable offense.

There were big, ugly stains from me scrubbing and steam cleaning the same spots over & over. We went out & bought an area rug to cover the stains. I know, right? Brilliant.

Somewhere along the line, my husband has turned into Fred Sanford.
Back in February, a friend of ours bought a new dining room set. Mike gave us his. I hate it. The set we had was just a cheap table & chair set that we paid maybe 500 bucks for around 10 years ago. But this stuff? It looks like it was from the 70's. Oval table with big, clunky legs, captains chairs with spindles, the china cabinet is not too bad looking, but I hate the hardware & trim. I think it's supposed to look like bamboo. There is also a sideboard with the bambooesque trim.

The university where he works was replacing a carpet from one of the conference rooms. It's only 6 months old, but the new director doesn't "like it". Fred, errr I mean, Joe decides that it would look wonderful in our house. He's pulling up our old carpet right now & replacing it with the free stuff. It's not an ugly carpet per se. I just don't think it's suitable for my home.

It's a sort of a sage green color with darker green designs in it that Joe thinks look a bit like a Celtic knot. I just went home on my lunch break and he's got it halfway finished. I must admit, it doesn't look too bad. It's a bit "busy" for my taste, but you really won't see all that much of it once the furniture goes back in. I think the nap of it will be good with the kids. It's a high-end commercial grade berber, so they can still play rough on it without destroying it.

He recently signed up for Freecycle. Either tonight or tomorrow afternoon, we will be picking up a black, tubular Queen size bedframe. Our bed needs to be replaced. It creaks. The veneer is peeling away from the legs. Probably from me stubbing my toes on it.
He keeps telling me that he wants to build us a bed. He's sketched it out for my review & approval. It will be beautiful. Once he builds it.

Just once, I'd like to save up a wad of cash & go buy something brand new.

On a side note, Will has another appointment at A.I. Dupont hospital tomorrow to follow up with his kidney issue. Keep your fingers crossed please.


DD said...

Go buy the head/foot board for your bed. With all the dough he's saving with that new carpet, it will easily cover it.

If I wanted something "used" in my house, it had better be an antique. The dining set sounds "interesting" and probably picture worthy.

Wishing you best of results with Will.

Christy said...

We need pictures of all your "new" stuff. When John and I first moved in together, we bought all used furniture. I hated all of it. Over the past 7 years, we have gradually replaced almost all of the used furniture with new. We always wait until the furniture stores have awesome financing deals. Our bedroom furniture has no interest for 5 years. Of course, we are going to pay the furniture off before the 5 year mark, so we don't have to pay any interest.

I hope everything go well tommorrow.

t_cole said...

christy took the words right out of my mouth - pictures, please.