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Friday, July 27, 2007

A year?? Really?

William at 1 day old

Ready for cake

Tasting the icing...............

Will sorta digs cake.

Holy smokes! He's 1.
We had cake & ice cream at Grandmom & Pop-Pop's house last night.

He woke up this morning at 5:52. 8 minutes before the alarm was set to go off...I brought him back to my bed hoping that he'd go back to sleep, but he was crying & rubbing his jaw......
His first molar broke through. Not a bad birthday gift, huh?

I think we might take him out for his first haircut tonight. I almost hate the idea of cutting his baby-hair. Even Joe thinks it looks cute all messy. When he gets hot, the ends get all curly. In certain light, he has a touch of strawberry-blonde. I'm afraid that if we cut it off, he'll have my crappy, fine, do-nothing hair.

I can't belive it's been a year already. He was born at 12:14 so, in a mere half hour, it will have been a year. Amazing. He's still not walking, but he does "cruise" along the furniture & we have seen him letting go. He'll stand there for a few seconds before he realizes it & then he either grabs on real fast or just sits down.

It's been a fun-filled, crazy year, Will. I can hardly to see what you have planned for the next year.

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Dooneybug said...

Aww, Happy Birthday little man! I can't believe he's a year old either!! Wow, that went by really fast.

DD said...

My how things change and stay the same! I'd have a hard time cutting his hair, too. It looks adorable! He'll look like such a big boy once you do.

Happy Birthday, Little Will. Someday you will know just how special you are to your Mommy and Daddy. *smooches* from your Mommy's faraway friend.

Christy said...

WOW! I can't believe he is already a year. For some reason, I thought Porgie was about 4 months older than Will. They are only a month and a half apart.

Happy Birthday Will!

Paula said...

Happy Birthday Will! I can't believe that it has already been a year!! The rest are going to go just as fast....that's kinda sad!!

Christy said...

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WonderMama said...

Happy Birthday Will!!

How is it possible that our babies are already a year old?!

Gabriel is ready for a haircut too, but so far I haven't been able to do it either. I feel the same way about that sweet baby hair!

Menita said...

oh wow he is cuuuute!
Happy birthday to all of you : )

Stephanie said...

OMG!! It goes by so stinkin' FAST, doesn't it!!?

Happy Birthday, Will!!

You have a li'l girlfriend in Houston named Bethany. Your mommy will show you pictures.

Daniel said...

OK, I'm very late to the party. Happy birthday, Will!

Em said...

A late Happy Birthday Will!

Altough our Blog is called Billysdiary, we actually call him Will (William) i set off been misterious when i first started blogging and his internet name has stuck.