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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Do YOU think they look alike??

Maggie age 10- ish months Will 11 months

I think Will has a leaner face than Maggie did at that age.
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Dooneybug said...

Leaner, yes, but EXACT same nose, ears and chin!!! Adorable, just want to eat them up! :)

Christy said...

Your children have identical noses! Is that your nose or your husbands?

ovagirl said...

Yes indeed, peas in a pod! Have a wonderful first birthday, the first cake we had was the white chocolate mud cake and my sister requested raspberries to be swirled through...sadly none of us made it, she ordered it from a cake shop but it was lovely and I'm not even a white chocolate fan.
The second cake (giant number one) was a very simple butter cake with cream and jam in the middle but it was a Nigella Lawson recipe. I think it was a butter icing on the outside and it was studded in Smarties. Simple but stunningly good ESPECIALLY WITH CHAMPAGNE.

DD said...

I love how both have Joe's nose. It looks like Will has your jawline whereas Maggie has Joe's. Isn't it just amazing how you can take two people and make something new and wonderful and beautiful?

Love the earlier pictures of Maggie in the viking hat.Just another picture to torture her with in front of her boyfriend(s).

Lainey-Paney said...

yes, I do think they do look very similar!