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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

This is *SO* not funny,

That it's actually kind of funny.

We came home from the shore on Monday afternoon so that we had some time to putter around the house, work on the pool, blah, blah, blah. While I was emptying the deck box to see how many new floats, noodles, swimmies, etc we were going to have to buy this year, I found a bright orange package. Not knowing what it was, I asked Joe if he knew. He replied in the negative & said, "Open it up & see."
I opened the packaging and lo & behold it's a Slip & Slide! Maggie got it from her Uncle Matt for her birthday last year. We've never even opened it because Maggie was not one to get her face wet. "Let's set it up & try it out", Joe suggests.

Maggie puts on her bathing suit and walks down the length of the slide....."No, No, No," Joe says, "Mag, you have to run & SSSLIIIDE on it. Watch."

He backs up, takes off running, hits the edge, dives into the slide part & breaks a rib.

He'll be out of work for at least 2 weeks, possibly longer. On one hand, this would be GREAT! He could work around the house, fix the tractor, cut the grass,work on the getting the pool opened, etc etc etc, but I think it's going to be more of him sitting around milking this injury.
I know a broken rib hurts like hell. I do have *some* compassion, even pity for his pain. But dammit, I do everything else around that house! I even take the garbage out & usually it's me dragging the trash cans back to the house. Now I'm even going to have to do the outside stuff! It's going to be a long next few weeks.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

not a good song for me to hear today

Today was my Dad's birthday. He would have been 72.

Sitting here at work (illegally) streaming my YahooRadio station & Luther Vandross' version of "Dance With My Father" comes on.
Even though I KNOW it's going to make me cry, I sit & sing along.

I miss you Daddy.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

MeMe about ME

MeMe about Me

• Use the the first letter of your name to answer each of the following.
• Answers must be REAL places, persons, things. . .NOTHING MADE UP!
• If you can't think of anything, skip it.
• Try to use different answers if the person before you had the same initial.
• DO NOT use your name for the boy/girl name question.• DO NOT use a search engine to look up answers!
• GO!

1. Your Name: Catherine

2. Famous singer/band: Celine Dion (Sorry, it's the 1st thing that popped in my head)

3. 4 letter word: Cuss

4. Street name: Carter Road

5. Color: Cyan

6. Gift/present: CASH

7. Vehicle: Cadillac Escalade

8. Things in a Souvenir Shop: Crappy t-shirt

9. Boy's Name: Calvin

10. Girl's Name: Cassandra

11. Movie Title: Cars

12. Drink: Corona

13. An Occupation: Cashier

14. Flower: Carnation

15. Celebrity: Cher

16. Magazine: Cosmo

17. U.S, City: Cooperstown, Ohio

18. Pro Sports Team: Cardinals

19. Fruit: Cherry

20. Reason for Being Late to Work: Car trouble

21. Something You Throw Away: Crusty stuff from the back of the fridge

22. Things You Shout: CRAP!!

23. Cartoon Character: Chuckie (from Rugrats)

OK..... your turn

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day 2007

Well, the day started off good, but the ending kind of sucked……..

So, yesterday was Mother’s day. Both kids slept until 8:00am. Cool.
There was a pretty plant, cards & a box of pastries left on the dining room table. Cool.
Joe works on Sundays. Not cool.
But on the other hand, I get to spend the whole day just me & the kids. So, sort of cool.

We went food shopping, then wandered through Tar-jay ogling the bathing-suits & cute little summer outfits for Maggie. We got 1 bathing suit & 2 short-sets.

I ended up getting my Mom a pretty Jasmine scented candle with real jasmine flowers embedded in the wax, a toss pillow, cashmere (like) throw and new cozy, cozy slippers. Joe’s mom got new bath towels, bath mat, soap dispenser & wastebasket.

We headed over to the MIL’s first as she was serving sausage scaloppini, & spaghetti & meatballs. Lemme tell ya, Dot makes *the* best friggin’ scaloppini in the WORLD.
After we stuffed our faces, I mean....nibbled delicately on the scrumptious fare, we hung around for a while so Maggie could run around screaming at the top of her lungs with cousin Haley, then we said our goodbyes and went over to my Mom’s.

As soon as we walked in, I knew something was wrong. Only #1 of my 6 brothers was there, my sister wasn’t even there. I asked her where everyone else was & here’s the low-down:

Brother # 2 was coming over after his girlfriend was finished work. She’s a waitress and got stuck doing Mother’s Day dinner shift. BLAGH!

Brother # 3 & 4 live in Florida, so they were given a “pass” to miss Mother’s Day, they did call though.

My brother # 5 & his new wife were at her mother’s house as her father was just diagnosed with colon cancer. He found out the day before they were married. (April 14)
She is a staying as close as possible to him for now as they say his prognosis is “not good”.

My sister’s husband has just had a testicle removed. He was diagnosed with cancer last week, but didn’t want anyone to know. He’s still a bit too “tender” to drive for an hour to visit. Understandable.

My younger brother # 6 & his wife were spending the day at a B&B upstate. So, ok.

Then Mom informed me that she leaves for an Alaskan cruise on Tuesday; she’ll return on the 26th, Monday is Memorial Day, then on Tuesday the 29th, she will go into the hospital to have a hysterectomy as she was just diagnosed with uterine cancer. Her doctor has told her that she’s pretty sure the cancer was contained to just the uterus, but they’ll still do follow-up tests to make sure they get it all. Mom’s pretty ok with all this. She was saying that her uterus had served her well over the years, she got 8 great kids to grow in it & she’s done with it now anyway. I think she said that just so I would stop crying. She’s good like that.

Mom is healthy, and has a great outlook on life in general. She never frets or worries; rarely does she raise her voice. She kept telling me how she’s sure that she’ll be ok. We discussed the procedure; she was amazed at how they’re going to do this: Dr. will go in laproscopically, sever & tie off the ovaries, cut whatever holds all the stuff in there, then her uterus will be removed through her vagina. Is it just my fascination with all things surgical or is that really kind of neat? Less incisions, easier healing seems like a win-win to me. Well, if you can get past the hysterectomy part of it.

I’ve already decided that while Mom is off cruising, I will go to her house & get her bedroom ready for recuperation. I was in there yesterday & since she’s packing for her trip, there are clothes & shoes strewn all over. I’ll get her some pretty pillows, heating pads, trashy novels and set up her TV, make a few casseroles or easy to put together meals for her, set up a little table for a pitcher, snacks, crossword puzzle books etc…

GOD! This sucks!! I hate it when the people I love are sick!