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Monday, April 23, 2007

Beach Day

Yesterday was our first day back to the beach this year. How I've missed it.

Joe opened the trailer on April 1st, but I hadn't been down yet. With the temps soaring into the high 70's on Sunday, we got up around 7 am, packed up some stuff & went to the trailer.

Joe stained the deck and fiddled with the fuse-box while I scrubbed the floors and made the bed, unpacked the dishes & other wimmin-folk stuff. Once the deck was stained and all the stuff put away, we decided to go see the ocean. Maggie wanted to say "HI!! We missed you all winter long!"

Maggie greets the ocean with open arms....

She was so happy that she did a little dance in the sand...

Will was good to go. He could hardly wait to get into this new squishy stuff...

But it lost its appeal pretty fast.......

Mag says, "The ocean makes me happy, Mommy."

Will says, "Food makes me happy, Mommy."

Then we packed up the van and drove back home.

So, what did you do this weekend??

Child Labor

Here is how I make my daughter earn her keep.

Hell, those rain boots alone cost 15 bucks. The very least she could do is help me scrub the patio furniture.