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Friday, March 09, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

Blogger tells me that this is my 100th post. YIPEE!! I've bored all 5 of you silly 100 times!

ANYwhooo, in regards to the title, I'm one busy lady lately! This coming weekend I have 2 functions on Saturday. The Ancient Order of Hibernians St. Patrick's Day Parade steps off at 10 am. Joe is in the AOH, so the kids & I will be required to go stand on the sidewalk and watch a bunch of people that we don't know walk by. (I'm not real big on parades) After the aforementioned parade, there is a KICKASS partay from 1 5 pm Food, drink, Irish music, face painting & a magician for the kiddies & a lady who makes stuff out of balloons (do they have official names??)
THEEENNN, at 5 o'clock is a "scrutiny" at church (????) Father W. who teaches my R.C.I.A. class is presiding over mass that day and has asked us if we could make it to the mass. "Uh, no, sorry, Father, I'll be tying one on right around then" probably wouldn't look good in the eyes of the church so of course I said, "Sure! I can be there." Never giving another thought about the par-tay or the kids or how I'm getting to church or what I'm wearing to church!!! AAAACCCKKKK!!

Next weekend, I have a wedding to go to. Very informal, justice-of-the-peace-type thing, but I still would like to wear a dress or a nice skirt.

Following this is my baptism on Holy Saturday. I need to find a white (!!) dress/nice skirt-sweater-outfit. I have been to 3 malls already and there is not 1 WHITE dress out there. I asked a saleslady for help last night in Macy's and she said, "A WHITE dress??? In MARCH???" So I got all cocky with her & said, "What the hell, I can buy a friggin BIKINI in March, why not a white dress??!!" Bitch. I hate Macy's.

My brothers' wedding is the weekend after the baptism. Need something to wear to that. Maybe the same outfit from the wedding..... THEN, eventually, we are going to have to have Will baptized. I'll wear the outfit from the weddings. If I ever find one.

Looks like I'll be out tonight again, looking for a white dress. I wonder if I went to a bridal store??? Would they carry something that's not too, too dressy, like for a casual wedding???
There's a thought. I also know where on is. And right across the street is an Annie-Sez.
OK. I have a PLAN!!!! Go pick up kids, run home, change Will, run BACK out to the shopping center, try David's Bridal, then if THAT fails, try Annie-Sez, if THAT fails, go to Borders and buy a bunch of books, then stop at the wine store & pick up a big ol bottle of Merlot.


DD said...

Does it have to be ALL white? Does it have to be a dress?

I think you could find something very lovely in a pantsuit, or white pants with a white cardigan/blouse set. Snap it up with some incredible metallic silver heels and I think that would look AWESOME.

Christy said...

Congratulations on the 100th post! Very impressive - that is a lot of writing.

Good luck on the dress hunt. I hate when I have something specific in mind, but can't find it.

Also, I hope things calm down soon!

Christy said...

Doo you mind if I add you to my links list?

Catizhere said...

PLEASE add me.


The Queen Mama said...

Well, I'm jealous. You get to go shopping. And yeah, what's up with the bikinis everywhere? I guess people need to prep for spring break and what all.

Congrats on your 100th post! I think I'm creeping up on mine, too. Finally!