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Monday, February 05, 2007

Too early to start??

So, how old should a child be before you allow them to gamble?

We went to my In-laws for a Superbowl Party yesterday.
My BIL ran a pool. A dime for 1 block. Someone threw Maggie a dollar. I still don't know who gave it to her. I was going to my in-laws house! I don't take cash with me! I throw some bottles, diapers, wipes, change of clothes in the diaper bag & go.... I rarely even bother to take my drivers' license.

Guess who won the 1st quarter pool? Maggie. 5 bucks! Whoo Hoo!!!!
When asked what she wanted to do with her winnings, she promply replied, "GUMMY WORMS!!"

Around 7:30, we packed up & went home. There were baths to be had, bags packed for school, laundry to be finished..... we got home in time to see Price (Super bad-ass-MF'er that he is! Gawd! I loves me some Prince!)

While Mag was just getting ready for the tub, the phone rang. I figured it was Joe since he was working and knew that I wanted to be home around that time. WRONG! It was my BIL....
Maggie won the halftime pool too! WHOO HOO PART DEUX!!
I asked her what she was going to do with her additional 5 dollars, she replies, "Ummmm, Gummy BEARS???"

I guess as long as she wins, 3 1/2 is a fine age to start.


Paula said...

Thats funny! We had the same kind of pool going on at my brothers house yesterday and somehow Ella ended up with 4 squares. She's 6 months old people, I guess if she had won it would go towards her college fund; Lord knows we will need ever penny we can get by the time she is ready for college.

DD said...

Imagine the parlay over 15 years!

And I can't say enough about Prince's performance. It was WOW!

Lauren said...

You are corrupting that child. How dare you....

Ok-seriously. That is too funny. I bet she was so excited to be able to get all those gummy bears she is thinking about.

The Queen Mama said...

Sounds to me like Maggie has her priorities in fine order. Gummy worms and gummy bears rock.

Now I'm sorry I missed the Super Bowl. I would've loved to have seen Prince perform. That little man is a genius.

E said...

Can I borrow Maggie and take her to Atlantic City with me one day?!

Catizhere said...

Is *that* where TG is taking you??
Atlantic City?? Maybe you could spend a lovely, long weekend in beautiful, downtown CHESTER!! at the new casino there!! HAHAHHAHA!!!! No WAY you'd be allowed to take my kid with you!

Colleen said...

I was thinking, what would she want if she won in the third or fourth quarter? I mean, I'm no 'Gummy connoisseur', or anything. Are there more than the worms and bears?? Isn't it great that the person who least cared about the pool (or understood it for that matter) won two of the rounds?!