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Friday, February 02, 2007


How much snot can 1 kid produce?
Do they EVER run out?

Poor Will. He's caught the cold that EVERY other infant in the daycare has.
Now, don't get me wrong, I lurve my daycare. These women love the children like their own.

But Tuesday afternoon, when I was picking the kids up, I was in the "Big Kid Room" gathering Mag's lunchbox, papers, and other detrius that seems to find its way into her cubby, I watched one of the bigger kids give Will a teething ring. OUT. OF. HIS. OWN. MOUTH. ewwwwwwwwwww. The teacher went right over & took it out of Will's mouth, but I guess the damage was done. As this kid turns around, he sneezes and I see what my BIL calls "a lipper". This is a nice stream of warm, germ-filled goo that spans the area from nostril to the lower lip.

I wanted to race home & boil Will.
I can't very well boil the boy, but I *did* give him the once over with Purell.
Didn't work. Poor little guy was snuffling all night. He could barely take his bottle this morning since he couldn't breathe through his nose. He fights me when he sees the aspirator coming at him. Even tissues, or a warm, wet, washcloth. He hates to get his face wiped. Such a boy.
I was able to get a half-dose of Little-C*lds medicine in him, so the congestion eased up enough for him. Looks like a nice, warm vapor-bath is in store for him tonight.


DD said...

A "lipper", huh? My husband calls them "frogs" in light of their green coloring.

DD said...

Oh, menthol vapor baths are the best! Hope Will feels better very soon.

Paula said...

Oh Man!! I hope he feels better soon.

E said...

Poor Will! Poor YOU!!! Just make sure Maggie doesn't get it!

Kate W. said...

HaHa- the lipper-love it. I hate germs yet I can't wait to go to the germ infested hospital! No time soon though...sigh.

Lauren said...

A lipper - grossss... :-)

I hope he is feeling better soon. And that no one else in your house catches it.