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Sunday, December 31, 2006


As you may know, I have recently started attending R.C.I.A classes at our parish. I have been going to church every Sunday and Holy Days of Obligation. Since Joe works on the weekends, I take the kids with me. Will usually naps through the entire service and when he is awake, he is quiet and just looks at the stained glass windows. Maggie, on the other hand, is sliding up and down the pews, playing with the missals, touching the people in front of us, singing the Backyardigan's theme song, in general, just misbehaving. What do I do? Today we had to actually LEAVE the service durning the Homily. She was just.so.bad. I suppose its just that this is all new to her & she can't keep still for one stinking hour a week, but really. She's 3 1/2 years old! I suppose I could take her to the in-laws while I go to church, but then what? We want to raise our children in the Catholic church. How is she suposed to learn how to behave in church if she never goes? If any of you take your little ones to church and have any suggestions for me, I would really appreciate it.


K&M said...

Is there children's church she can go to or a nursery class for her age? That way she can ease into the whole church routine at a level that's appropriate for her age. Then again, I'm not Catholic, so I don't know those things are offered during Mass. Just a thought!

DD said...

We just started going to church "routinely" a year ago...an attempt to regain some faith (heh), and at 4, X was a handfull and frankly still is. My husband wants him to sit quietly and listen and I know that's not possible. We tried letting him bring one or two cars with him, but he would make engine noises and so that was out. Then he got a small activity book (coloring, dot-to-dot, etc.) and we were rewarded with relative quiet...even though he sits on the kneeler the whole time and draws. I'd rather have him quiet and unobtrusive for now. I figure there's plenty of time for him to get use to all the singing, praying, kneeling, standing, sitting business involved in the Catholic church.

Lauren said...

Shame, shame, and double shame on me. I gave up trying to go with a squirmy, loud, disruptive litte girl. Now it is so hard for me to get us up and ready on a Sunday morning to try again. I give you credit for still trying.

Someone once said to me to sit up front. Where she could see what was going on and have something to pay attention to. It made a lot of sense. I was just too chicken to try it.

t_cole said...

i too sit close to the front and one of my friends brings my adhd daughter a purse full of goodies every week. notepads, colored pencils, stickers, small books, quiet toys, sticks of gum.
each week - something new in the bag. Sam has a ball going through the purse each week.
I LOVE THIS FRIEND as you might guess.
children's books are always good too. a few colors - 3 or 4 work.
Hang in there. I do it with two kids. 6 and 4. we just got children's church and it is a GOD send - literally.
Hope this helps.

The Queen Mama said...

One thing that's been helpful for us is to split the Mass-going. I go to a Saturday Mass and take the 6-year-old with me, then Hubby goes on Sunday and takes the 3-year-old with him. It's easier to get them to mind when you're one-on-one. Right now, going to Mass as a family is, for us, a recipe for a disaster...mostly becuase the youngest is just too young and too close to 2 to get that he has to be quiet. Best of luck to you on this one. I was an RCIA convert, too!