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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween 2006

Here's Maggie's kangaroo costume. I ended up having to make it since I couldn'f find one that I was willing to plunk down 40 bucks for. I've learned that my future as a seamstress will be unrealised. Crooked seams, no darts in the hood, but she thought she looked adorable and that's what counts.
Here's Will. We had a remote-control fart box in the car-seat and whenever someone would bend over to look at him, I would hit the button.
Not sure if the movie will play in Blogger, but he smiles after we make the car-seat fart.
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Jenny said...

1. I cannot believe you MADE that! she's looks awesome.

2. Whoopie Cushion Baby. is. AWESOME.

DD said...

I think you did an spectacular job. Where did you come up with the idea for the whoopee cushion? You can take credit because it's brilliant.

Lauren said...

Those are really cute. And the whoopie cushion.... oh my that is a great idea.

E said...

That's an AMAZING kangaroo costume! She's adorable!!!!
And Will's costume is hysterical! Did you make that too?! They are both so, so SOOO cute!!!

paula said...

The whoopie cushion is awesome! I have a little girl born in July also and I looked at that costume. My husband didn't think it was appropriate for a girl so we ended up being a sunflower!

Cute baby by the way!!

Very creative on the Kangaroo costume!

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