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Thursday, November 16, 2006

I hate today

My bad day actually starts last night.......

Joe's car limped into the driveway last evening. Making a strange......groaning sound.
He had asked a co-worker for a lift in the morning, but it seems co-worker forgot.
So he gets me out of bed at 5:15 (in the frigging MORNING!!) so I can find my cell phone for him since our phone line was knocked out in a storm Monday (Phone company will be there on or around 11 am - 7 pm on SUNDAY!!)Guess what? I left my cell at work. Now I have to drive him to work. Yeah, wake up the kids, pile them in, drive his ass to work approx 20 miles away, go home, get ready for work, kids to daycare. Yeah THAT's gonna happen. I told him to take my car, drive up to the police station & call Villanova for a ride in. In the meantime, co-worker pulls into the parking lot at work & realizes that he forgot Joe. Thankfully, he turned around & came back to get him.

Today is the "Thanksgiving luncheon" at daycare. I'll be taking a late lunch to go watch Mag perform a skit with her classmates, then I have to drive the kids & Joe home where he will have them for the afternoon since the daycare closes after the luncheon. Hopefully Joe remembers to ask co-worker to drop him at daycare because I'm NOT driving home to get him, go back to daycare, then take them all home again.

My period decided to make a return today. Not too bad, I got an additional 4 months with no period. I've forgotten how disgustingly heavy my period is.

It just keeps getting better.... I just logged on to the online banking thingy & my account is showing -57.58. I have no idea what bill I just bounced....

Friday, November 10, 2006

The scan

Ok, so. We went to A.I. Dupont hospital yesterday. What a fabulous place. If you can overlook the whole “Children’s Hospital” thing…..sick kids are no fun.
The VCUG study went well. No reflux of fluid back into the kidney. Whew.
However, when we returned home, there was a message from the Urologist. He had received the ultrasound report from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and was not happy with the measurement of Will’s right kidney. Apparently the hydronephrosis is *not* what Dr. F. considers “mild to moderate”, he thinks it’s more “moderate to severe”. He tells me that this is nothing to be freaked out about. Yeah right. Too late.

We have to go back on Tuesday for a repeat ultrasound AND a nuclear medicine scan. I’m told that there is no sedation for him. (I, however, will take a valium or six before the study though, ‘cause I’m gonna be a nervous wreck!) This is a 2 to 4 HOUR study. Will is going to be catheterized, and IV’d, strapped to a table and scanned. HA! I pity the tech. I’m not sure if I’m going to be allowed to go in with him, what with the thermo-nuclear gamma rays flying around (I might turn into the Hulk… “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry..”). If there are any Nuclear Med Techs or anyone who's ever had a nulear med scan out there that can tell me HONESTLY what to expect, I’d appreciate it.

Friday, November 03, 2006


Wordless Wedne...oh. Ummm, Photo Phriday???

Some Lovin'

Go Wolfie! Go Wolfie!!!

Yay DD!!
As I told you yesterday, "you be "cautiously optomistic", I'll be jumping up & down happy for you!"

Much love and good wishes to you DD, Mr. DD & X.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween 2006

Here's Maggie's kangaroo costume. I ended up having to make it since I couldn'f find one that I was willing to plunk down 40 bucks for. I've learned that my future as a seamstress will be unrealised. Crooked seams, no darts in the hood, but she thought she looked adorable and that's what counts.
Here's Will. We had a remote-control fart box in the car-seat and whenever someone would bend over to look at him, I would hit the button.
Not sure if the movie will play in Blogger, but he smiles after we make the car-seat fart.
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