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Monday, October 02, 2006

well, Hello stranger!

Bad, Bad Blogger!!!

Sorry for my absence, things have been a little hectic here. I’m back to work full time and I just don’t have 20 minutes in the evenings to type. Will was born with the innate ability to know the exact moment my butt touches the chair whenever I sit to eat or type. It is a dark gift that he has.

He’s doing really well. Growing like a weed. He sleeps through the night (most nights) and wakes happy. He’s smiling at everyone, when I’m changing his diaper, he tries to laugh. I get this little “hhuunnh” with his big toothless grin.

He’s at the daycare with Maggie so she keeps an eye on him. The teachers tell me that whenever he starts to cry, she is right there cooing at him or trying to shove the binky in his mouth.

We’re still going to the beach on the weekends. Will doesn’t seem to get much enjoyment from it , but Mag still loves it.

We’ll close the trailer for the winter around October 15th since there’s really not much to do there and there’s sooooo much to do at home.

I have to work on getting the fall/winter stuff out and put the summer stuff away. Go through Maggie’s clothes for things that won’t fit her next year to hand-down to my sister in law. My niece Grace will be 2 in February and she’s already in a 2T, so Mag’s 3T summer stuff should fit her.

Other than that, there’s not too much going on around here, Mag has decided that she wants to be a kangaroo for Halloween. How the HELL do you make a kangaroo?? I’m thinking a brown sweatsuit with a big ol’ tail sewn on and I’ll try to rig up a baseball cap with ears and a kangaroo face on it. I can even try to sew a pouch on the front as her candy bag. Any tips will be appreciated. I did find a pattern in Wal*Mart but that would require me to find fabric & pull out the sewing machine, and actually FIND a few hours to make it. Posted by Picasa


DD said...

Goodness, he HAS grown a lot! Where does the time go?

I like your kangaroo idea better than doing a pattern suit. I would make the pouch out of fake fur and make it a really big pocket that attaches just to the shirt so it hangs down. And a little tip? Not only leave the top open, but leave a small area on each side open as well so she can slip her hands in in case they get cold.

Other than that, you're on your own...but it looks like you're doing pretty good from here.

Lauren said...

Well hello. I am glad to see you posted. I like your kangaroo idea. Also those are really cute pics. You should tell her she will need to hop everywhere. Also glad to hear daycare is working out well. I hope you are holding up well at work.