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Friday, October 06, 2006

Pincushion Man

My poor, poor baby. He must have felt like the Pincushion man. (image placeholder)
4 shots last night. 4! Needles! In my baby’s fat little thighs! He was not pleased.
Not even a little bit. Even the nurse was impressed with his ability to voice his disappointment with the pediatrician. She said he sounds like someone trying to bathe a cat. He was a trooper though, only screamed cried for about 5 minutes and then went back to giggling at Maggie (She was also impaled had her flu shot. We had her go first so she could show Will how easy it was and wouldn’t hurt a bit. (Really, I didn’t want Will to be screaming his head off and Mag get all freaked out about it so that she would cry too) As an additional incentive for a tear-free visit, she was taken to the carnival in town afterwards. Just Daddy & Daughter. They ate pizza & popcorn, went on all the rides (except the roller coaster as that’s “tooooo scaaaawwwy for me”) she also LOVES the “fun house” not the ones with the mirrors that you get lost in, this one just has a net ladder & slides and a shifting floor. She went through that 4 times. Strangley enough, I was watching my favorite “eye candy” show last night. Supernatural. Have you ever seen a hotter guy?? Wow. The episode was about Killer Clowns. In the Funhouse. At the traveling carnival. Hmmm.

For those who want to know: Will now weighs 13.3 lbs and is 24” tall.


DD said...

I thought watching my son get his shots as a baby was difficult. Now that he needs his boosters for next year's kindergarten, I'm having a harder time because now I know he'll remember it.

Lauren said...

I always hate when it is a shot visit. My daughter has her 5 year old visit coming up in a couple of months and I know that means more shots. I am not going to tell her until we are there.

Penny Doll said...

Why can't they mix all of that shit together and stick our precious babies JUST ONCE!!!!!
Those were the worst! Multiple shots. No matter how young after the second one, they catch on to playing pin cushion. BUY TYLENOL if you haven't already. Hugs and Kisses...Pennydoll

Jenny said...

Oh that shot cry. It's so different from all the others. That "YOU DID THIS TO ME ON PURPOSE!" anger...like he'd catch the whole office on fire with his mind if he could.