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Monday, October 30, 2006

A few things I never thought I'd say

1. “Maggie, show Daddy how you swing around that pole.”
3. “OOOOH, you *like* it when Mommy takes off your pants huh???”
4. “If you don’t sit down in that cart, I’m going to leave you in the trunk of the car”
5. “Oh Shit! Mag! Get me a wipe!! He’s just puked in my hair….AGAIN!!”
6. “I need a remote-control fart box”
7. “I hate Little Bear”


DD said...

One more wonderful facet to having kids, right?

Penny Doll said...

Girl, I have said all those things and more. I told my kids that "I will pull this car over, beat you bloody and leave you for roadkill!" Just last night in fact.
Little one says,"you want a piece of me, Mama?!" I'm raising fucking thugs!!!!!!! Love to you! Pennydoll