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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I’m not sure if I mentioned this in any of my prenatal posts.  Will has been diagnosed with pyelectasis aka hydronephrosis.  His right kidney does not empty completely and this can cause any “left over” urine to stagnate in the kidney leading to urinary tract infection, kidney infections, sepsis and possible renal failure.
We had an ultrasound done yesterday and the renal pelvic dilation has not resolved.  He will have a VCUG done on Thursday Nov 9th.  
For those of you NOT in the medical field, my baby boy will be strapped to a table, a catheter will be inserted and his bladder will be pumped full of radiographic contrast,  X-rays will then be taken to see if there is any of the contrast material refluxing into the ureter and back into his kidney. If there is reflux, a nuclear medicine scan will be ordered or surgery will be required to correct this anomaly.  From what the pediatrician, radiologist, and Dr. Google tell me, this condition is not life threatening or even life altering.  My only question for the Dr. was, “Is this going to be debilitating in ANY way to him in the future?”  Dr’s response was a resounding NO. If we didn’t treat it, sure it would be detrimental to him (see first paragraph, last sentence), but in most cases, there is no invasive action taken; just follow-up scans.  Only 25% of these cases require urethral valve replacement surgery.

Needless to say, I was a blubbering mess yesterday afternoon.  After we had dinner, I was feeding Will and just stared at him as if I could burn his image into my brain so I’ll never forget the way he looks right now.  The perfect curve of his eyebrows. How his eyes are so wonderfully chambray blue. The “butt-chin” dimple that just cries out for kisses.  (Did you know that that is genetic??   Everyone in my family has it) which causes him to erupt in infant guffaws.

I would burst into tears at the very thought that there is something wrong with him.  Or that he may need the surgery. Or that everything will be fine and I’m just being over dramatic. How could I possibly think the worst case scenario when I’m sure deep down in my heart that he’ll be fine?  Even now, I get all teary when I think about it.  


DD said...

I was a basket case today just thinking about X being xrayed, so I sure can understand your trepidation when it comes to Will's procedure. Of course, you know it's for the best, but it's hard to give someone else the reigns when it's time to fix a boo-boo.

Keep us up to date, OK? You hang in there.

Leggy said...

OMG- that would scare the crap out of me- he's so tiny. I hope the procedure goes well and that he doesn't need anymore of them. Thinking of you.

melissa b. said...

Oh no, poor thing. Poor mama. I'll be wishing and thinking the best for you guys.

Kate W. said...

Cat- very sorry about Will! Isn't it amazing the stress our children put us under and don't even know about it! I will pray that everything goes well! Big hugs!

Lauren said...

I pray everything works out well. Thankfully, it is something fixable even if it comes to surgery.

But with that said by my rational self, I can completely understand how scared you must be.

I was very upset when my daughter first found out she would need to get glasses (lazy eye and poor vision) when she was a little over 1. Rationally, I knew this is nothing compared to what other kids have to deal with. But emotionally it broke my heart that there was anything wrong.

Sorry so long. Good thoughts coming your way.

E said...

I would be worried if you didN'T worry but we all KNOW he'll be fine. It's your JOB to worry, your a MOM!!!! Keep us posted but he will be fine and won't remember a THING. You on the other hand will remember ever millisecond.....

J said...

You don't know me but I stumbled on your blog today & had to comment. My son also had this, he had Grade 3 of 5 on 1 side & 4 of 5 on the other. After the VCUG they put him on a low dose antibiotic. He was on them for 12 mos w/ no infections or issues except for needing to chg the antibiotic after about 8 mos. At his 1 year VCUG & ultrasound follow up they discovered it had completely fixed itself. They were very suprised that it only took a year & so were we...we had hoped it had improved even if only slightly. Just wanted to let you know that while I too thought this was the worst news in the world when he was diagnosed it actually wasn't a big deal, thank god! If you have any questions let me know. Good luck!

Catizhere said...


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