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Monday, October 30, 2006

A few things I never thought I'd say

1. “Maggie, show Daddy how you swing around that pole.”
3. “OOOOH, you *like* it when Mommy takes off your pants huh???”
4. “If you don’t sit down in that cart, I’m going to leave you in the trunk of the car”
5. “Oh Shit! Mag! Get me a wipe!! He’s just puked in my hair….AGAIN!!”
6. “I need a remote-control fart box”
7. “I hate Little Bear”

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Why my Mother-In-Law does NOT suck

One reason that I love my mother-in-law

I know that there are a bunch of not-so-great-mother-in-laws out there.  I don’t have one of those.  My mother in law doesn’t stick her nose in where it doesn’t belong, her baby boy *does* make mistakes and she will call him on them. We get invited to dinner at least twice a month(Mooch-a-meal!!) and she truly loves me.

I have just started taking R.C.I.A. classes through our parish.  Joe is Catholic, Maggie was baptized Catholic, Will is going to be baptized Catholic.  We were married in Joe’s church.  I was raised in the Episcopal church, but never baptized.  I stopped going to church when I was about 12 or 13.  I’ve always been very spiritual, not necessarily religious.  

Last night was my first meeting with Father.  Classes will run through Holy Saturday. On that day, I will make communion, be baptized and be confirmed in the Catholic church.  

My mother-in-law called Joe this morning and they are going out today to buy me my first bible.  

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I’m not sure if I mentioned this in any of my prenatal posts.  Will has been diagnosed with pyelectasis aka hydronephrosis.  His right kidney does not empty completely and this can cause any “left over” urine to stagnate in the kidney leading to urinary tract infection, kidney infections, sepsis and possible renal failure.
We had an ultrasound done yesterday and the renal pelvic dilation has not resolved.  He will have a VCUG done on Thursday Nov 9th.  
For those of you NOT in the medical field, my baby boy will be strapped to a table, a catheter will be inserted and his bladder will be pumped full of radiographic contrast,  X-rays will then be taken to see if there is any of the contrast material refluxing into the ureter and back into his kidney. If there is reflux, a nuclear medicine scan will be ordered or surgery will be required to correct this anomaly.  From what the pediatrician, radiologist, and Dr. Google tell me, this condition is not life threatening or even life altering.  My only question for the Dr. was, “Is this going to be debilitating in ANY way to him in the future?”  Dr’s response was a resounding NO. If we didn’t treat it, sure it would be detrimental to him (see first paragraph, last sentence), but in most cases, there is no invasive action taken; just follow-up scans.  Only 25% of these cases require urethral valve replacement surgery.

Needless to say, I was a blubbering mess yesterday afternoon.  After we had dinner, I was feeding Will and just stared at him as if I could burn his image into my brain so I’ll never forget the way he looks right now.  The perfect curve of his eyebrows. How his eyes are so wonderfully chambray blue. The “butt-chin” dimple that just cries out for kisses.  (Did you know that that is genetic??   Everyone in my family has it) which causes him to erupt in infant guffaws.

I would burst into tears at the very thought that there is something wrong with him.  Or that he may need the surgery. Or that everything will be fine and I’m just being over dramatic. How could I possibly think the worst case scenario when I’m sure deep down in my heart that he’ll be fine?  Even now, I get all teary when I think about it.  

Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday, October 06, 2006

Pincushion Man

My poor, poor baby. He must have felt like the Pincushion man. (image placeholder)
4 shots last night. 4! Needles! In my baby’s fat little thighs! He was not pleased.
Not even a little bit. Even the nurse was impressed with his ability to voice his disappointment with the pediatrician. She said he sounds like someone trying to bathe a cat. He was a trooper though, only screamed cried for about 5 minutes and then went back to giggling at Maggie (She was also impaled had her flu shot. We had her go first so she could show Will how easy it was and wouldn’t hurt a bit. (Really, I didn’t want Will to be screaming his head off and Mag get all freaked out about it so that she would cry too) As an additional incentive for a tear-free visit, she was taken to the carnival in town afterwards. Just Daddy & Daughter. They ate pizza & popcorn, went on all the rides (except the roller coaster as that’s “tooooo scaaaawwwy for me”) she also LOVES the “fun house” not the ones with the mirrors that you get lost in, this one just has a net ladder & slides and a shifting floor. She went through that 4 times. Strangley enough, I was watching my favorite “eye candy” show last night. Supernatural. Have you ever seen a hotter guy?? Wow. The episode was about Killer Clowns. In the Funhouse. At the traveling carnival. Hmmm.

For those who want to know: Will now weighs 13.3 lbs and is 24” tall.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday Night Football

Dint dint dint dahhhh (that's supposed to be theme from Monday Night Football)

My future Hall of Famer....

Wow, I'm glad we just got new furniture. I never realized how cruddy the sofa looked.

That's my shadow in the top pic, not a stain, but still. yuk. I guess we've gotten our money's worth. We bought that set a year after we were married. 14 years ago this past September. Posted by Picasa

well, Hello stranger!

Bad, Bad Blogger!!!

Sorry for my absence, things have been a little hectic here. I’m back to work full time and I just don’t have 20 minutes in the evenings to type. Will was born with the innate ability to know the exact moment my butt touches the chair whenever I sit to eat or type. It is a dark gift that he has.

He’s doing really well. Growing like a weed. He sleeps through the night (most nights) and wakes happy. He’s smiling at everyone, when I’m changing his diaper, he tries to laugh. I get this little “hhuunnh” with his big toothless grin.

He’s at the daycare with Maggie so she keeps an eye on him. The teachers tell me that whenever he starts to cry, she is right there cooing at him or trying to shove the binky in his mouth.

We’re still going to the beach on the weekends. Will doesn’t seem to get much enjoyment from it , but Mag still loves it.

We’ll close the trailer for the winter around October 15th since there’s really not much to do there and there’s sooooo much to do at home.

I have to work on getting the fall/winter stuff out and put the summer stuff away. Go through Maggie’s clothes for things that won’t fit her next year to hand-down to my sister in law. My niece Grace will be 2 in February and she’s already in a 2T, so Mag’s 3T summer stuff should fit her.

Other than that, there’s not too much going on around here, Mag has decided that she wants to be a kangaroo for Halloween. How the HELL do you make a kangaroo?? I’m thinking a brown sweatsuit with a big ol’ tail sewn on and I’ll try to rig up a baseball cap with ears and a kangaroo face on it. I can even try to sew a pouch on the front as her candy bag. Any tips will be appreciated. I did find a pattern in Wal*Mart but that would require me to find fabric & pull out the sewing machine, and actually FIND a few hours to make it. Posted by Picasa