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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Alright, so I know this is natural. This is what I'm supposed to use these things for. But, dammit breasfeeding is hard! We didn't have too much of a problem getting Will to "latch on", but lately, he's been getting lazy, (he's such a guy!) He wasn't opening his mouth wide enough & caused me some soreness. Yeah. "soreness". Try eye-crossing PAIN. I experimented with different holds and found that the cross-cradle hold worked better for us. So it's all good right? Nuh-unh. Now it seems that he has developed a case of thrush. Oh GOODY! My boy has a yeast infection. in.his.mouth!! And thanks so very much, he has passed it back to me. Nothing like bleeding nipples to say, "Thanks for bringing me into the world. I love you Mom."
The pediatrition says, "Just let it run for 2 weeks. It should resolve on its own. Keep wiping the inside of his mouth with a guaze pad after each feeding and whenever you see the white buildup. If it doesn't clear up, we can look at it & maybe prescribe something for it." Yippee. In the meantime, I've taken to the pump. I kind of like the fact that I can see how much he's taking per feeding and it really doesn't hurt too much.
I think the fact that I've been having a cup of yogurt for breakfast every day has helped clear up the infection a bit and Lansinoh cream is my new best friend. I was tempted to smear a little yogurt on his tongue the other day (I didn't).

Other than that, things are getting pretty smooth around here. Maggie is back in daycare. She was getting bored silly being at home. I couldn't take her in the pool or have Will outside in the 100 degree heatwave, so she sat in the house & watched us "rest", watched episode after episode of Dora & Diego on the On-demand channel and trashed the house with her toys. Will is a pretty good sleeper. He'll go for almost 5 hours at night. So, I'm not too sleep deprived.


DD said...

Sounds like things are actually better than the norm. Sucky about the thrush, though.

elle said...

Your ped isn't quite right about the thrush - you can use baby acidophilous. If you are pumping, you can add it to the bottle. I'm on antibiotics and I take it and so does Jackie.

Catizhere said...

Elle, where does one get baby acidophilous???? is that just the yo-baby yogurt stuff they have out now??

melissa b. said...

Sounds normal to me, except the trush I suppose. Best wishes for the breastfeeding Cat!

We did the yogurt on the tongue when my firstborn was little. I ignored the ped and listened to my grandmother, mom, and aunt. It worked! And we didn't find anything like baby acidolphilous so maybe that's why we went for the yogurt.

The Queen Mama said...

The pump was my best friend. Good luck getting back to boob-in-mouth, if that's what you're aiming for. In the meantime, treat those girls nicely. They deserve it.

Jenny said...

I don't visit for a little while and you go and have a kid on me.

What's up with that?!

scissorbill said...

You'll probably get this too late but FYI I've heard that Lansinoh can harbor yeast and you should avoid it if you are prone to thrush.
Just a thought, hope things are going well for you!