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Monday, July 17, 2006

Morning Music??

Have you ever woke up in the morning with a song running through your head????

Yesterday I awoke to Carly Simon’s “Haven’t Got Time for the Pain” I was humming it all day.  I wasn’t in any kind of pain either…..I don’t even particularly like that song.  Who the hell has TIME for pain??  

Today was the melodious tones of Elton John lamenting about Little Jeannie.  I wouldn’t change the radio station if that song came on but WTF????

I don’t sleep with the radio on; I don’t have the alarm set to music….

Weird huh??


melissa b. said...

Uh, are you naming the nugget Carly or Simon?


I've got nothing.

The Queen Mama said...

The other day for me, it was Chicago's "Does Anyone Really Know What Time it Is?" Because I had to ask someone what time it was...and I've always wanted someone to ask me what time it was so I could start singing that song back to them. Yeah, I'm weird like that.