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Monday, July 10, 2006

Beach Girls No More

I have been asked (read: begged, cajoled and bullied) by family and friends to NOT go to the beach anymore until after the baby is born. I guess I can see their point that I don't want to be 100 miles away and go into labor. I wouldn't want to give birth in the backseat of a Hyundai Accent on I-95. So this weekend was the last time that Maggie & I will go to the beach as "just us girls". Here are a few shots to commemorate our trip.

I can be a little creative when I have to be...... She however, would NOT stop moving and kept cracking the "bodice" of her Mermaid tail ....

After digging herself out of the mermaid tail......

This is so you can see how un-crowded "our" beach is. We go to what the locals call "Whale Beach" (I fit RIGHT in, yeah, that was too easy)..... This is the free beach in Strathmere..right outside of Sea Isle City, NJ. On any given Sunday, that's how crowded it is there, Saturdays are not much worse. The only drawback is that there are no lifegaurds (Maggie only goes in shin-deep anyway), and people can surf-fish right there on the beach or off the rocks in the background.

It's US!!!!

Do you like my hat???


This is what you get when you let a kid run around in the hot sun, splashing in the waves, eating sand for 3 or so hours...... Yes, I took this picture WHILE DRIVING, using the little see-your-child-in -the-backseat-mirror-thingy to line up the shot in the preview pane of the camera. Good thing traffic was light at that time.


E said...

I LOVE the picture of you and Maggie! And I'm glad they bullied you in to staying home and not traveling anymore. I don't want to hear about you on the news, "Lady gives birth to son with the help of a NJ State Trooper!" BUT I would be able to say, "Hey I KNOW her! No really I do!!"

DD said...

How did you know I was going to give you shit about taking that picture while on the freeway. Are you nuts!

It's not the beach that I would be asking you not to go to, it's driving all together. Crazy!

But other than that, that is a wonderful picture of you two. I'm jealous, especially since X has been begging to go to the beach. *sigh* Maybe next year I tell him.

melissa b. said...

too cute!!

I love that you nailed a picture together with Maggie. Eh, travel when you want. I wish we were close enough to a beach, any beach!

Kate W. said...

Do you know how jealous I am of your mermaid making abilities?! I will be trying to copy you when we head to the beach in a couple of weeks. Too cute! Loved the picture of the two of you! Hope all is well.

Mayberry said...

You look beautiful. One would never know you are at 40 wks!! good luck.

Stacy said...

The beach is a magical place for children. I'm planning on spending some time there this weekend with my kids. Luckily, for me it's only 5 minutes away.

Yeah, yeah... I know. I'm so spoiled!

elle said...

oh, why can't I see the pictures? :-(

mothergoosemouse said...

Love the mermaid! And I'm glad you got one more chance to hit the beach. I keep waiting for the baby update!

Did you ever get the package I sent? Was the chocolate melted?