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Friday, June 23, 2006

the secret cervix

I had an OB Appointment last night, the non-stress test was very non-stressful....I got to sit in an air-conditioned room in a very comfy recliner, with my poor, swollen hooves up, listening to baby's heartbeat for 30 whole minutes. No phones, no boss, just peace and quiet and the lovely whoosh-whoosh sound of William.
Then I lie on Dr. K's table. Egads! I've forgotten how uncomfortable an internal exam is....I have this little Korean woman up to her elbows prodding at my "stuff". She tells me that I am "closed up tight". Well, thanks. I go back every week now until delivery for nst's and internals (oh joy!).

On a more pleasant note (la-la-la-la) We will be celebrating Miss Maggie's Third Birthday on Sunday. Just a small gathering (HA!!! there are 30 people just IN THE FAMILIES!!) at the house. I hope the weather holds and everyone will be out in the pool or running around in the "yarden" as Mag calls it.

So tonight will consist of dropping her at MIL's so I can go pick up her lawn swing and a few party goods. Order the cake, buy the ice cream, then head back home, stash the loot in the powder room, and start to get the house in order.

Here's the most recent pics I have of my baby on the beach. Yes, Maggie is One of THOSE
kids. She loves to throw sand. So, if we've gotten any sand on your towel, we're sorry.

Have a great weekend everybody!! Posted by Picasa


mothergoosemouse said...

I love the pics - Maggie's suit is adorable!

Your goodies will be mailed today after work. I'm sorry it has taken me so long.

DD said...

May the following weeks past quickly (but not toooooo-oo quickly!).

Stacy said...

The Koren woman pounding at your stuff– Ouch! I can relate! That cervix is WAY sensitive near the end of pregnancy.

The Queen Mama said...

Ugh...third-trimester internal exams BITE THE BIG ONE!

How much longer till you're due?

elle said...

so cute!!!!!! and ouch - good luck!

E said...

SO when's the due date? How long are you working? When's the shower (and I don't mean all the rain we're having! I hope you guys aren't flooded)????? ;)