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Thursday, June 15, 2006

My budding Artiste

Last night, Maggie wanted to work with fingerpaints. Hell, If I'm able to turn off "Barbie as Rupunzel" I'm all for it.

After I had emailed a copy of this pic to Joe on his phone, he calls me to ask if she was painting "topless". He says it looks like she doesn't have a shirt on in this picture.....

I tell him, Scroll down to the next 2 pictures.

OF COURSE SHE'S TOPLESS!!! Do you know hard it is to get fingerpaint out of clothes??

I think she may have been trying out for Rebecca Romajin's role in X-Men, but she LOVES to paint her belly. And the table. Luckily, I caught her before she wiped her hands on the curtains. AGAIN. Posted by Picasa


mothergoosemouse said...

She's so cute! Better to paint her tummy than her shirt (or the curtains) - I agree.

DD said...

Kind of like those girls in Sports Illustrated who paint on bikini tops. Hers appears to be a tube top. Very chic.

melissa said...

Adorable! (oy, the ovaries)

I would absolutely take off the shirt, much better to have a pyschedelic bath than stained shirts!

It's also very fashionable to help wash dishes bottomless, so I've heard and so the 1979 pictures document.

elle said...

OMG, that is too cute! And DUH - of course she's topless! I'm already learning, Jackie doesn't get fed with clothes on - he's a slobby slob!

The Queen Mama said...

Topless fingerpainting is the ONLY way to go. And ugh, don't even get me started on Romijn's painted-on costume. How can you watch that movie and not stare? Ack.

E said...

SO cute!
Hey, how's your new bambino coming along? When is your due date?

Stacy said...

Yeah... I want to know too. What's going on with your bun in the oven?

t_cole said...

hey girlie.
just catching up with you. finally
maggie looks like her mom - paint or no. love the prego pics.
how much longer do we have till the big day.
cant wait!
been missing you. glad to know all is well. sorry to be such a poor correspondant.
all my best