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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

This post would be a PERFECT cure for insomnia

So I have NOTHING to post about.  I think I must be the most boring person on the planet.  

Last night I picked up Maggie from daycare, went to the market for dinner-stuffs as I forgot to take anything out of the freezer yesterday at lunch.  We ended up with Sloppy Joes, a salad, peas & carrots and Sponge Bob Popsicles for dessert.  Scintillating reading,  ‘aint it?

After dinner, we went to Home Depot to check out prices for a storage shed for the new trailer campground.  We had an $850. 8x8x8 shed at the old place, but the new place does not allow wood sheds.  SIGH.

H.D. had a 10 x 8 metal shed for $219.00.  We jumped all over THAT one.  Joe will pick it up on Thursday & go to the trailer Friday to set it up.  Oddly enough, they also had an 8 x 6 which would have been PERFECT for 343.00  WTF???  Makes no sense to me that the smaller shed is $124 MORE than the larger one.  

After H.D. we went home for bath & story time.  Mag’s new thing is that I have to lie down with her for a few minutes each night.  This started after I decided that Monsters Inc is a FINE movie for a 2 ½ year old.  It’s CUTE!  Right??
Sully is so furry & lovable with Boo.  Mike is sooo funny!  Apparently aforementioned 2 ½ y.o. decided that monsters are coming up the steps at night to GET HER!!!  Hence the “Lay wif me in my big girl bed, Mommy”  every night.  

I relish this.  I could snuggle & cuddle with that kid for DAYS!!  The problem is that I generally fall asleep as soon as I go horizontal these days.  I wake up with my contacts stuck to the top of my eye sockets; all confused because I’m not in my bed, with a sink full of dirty dishes to do.  

SO I stagger back downstairs to do the dishes, grumbling the whole time that NOBODY else would even think to lift a finger & put the damn dishes in the dishwasher!  What does he think gnomes come in at night & clean up??  
Then this morning had the NERVE to tell me that he’s running low on clean socks.  Hmm.  Do you think the Laundry Fairies will be paying a visit tonight?

That was my evening….what did you guys do???

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DD said...

Aah, you know me: same shit, different day.