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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter & Ear infections.... perfect together.

I had a long holiday weekend off. Maggie & I drove to the beach Thursday night. Friday was spent shopping & scrubbing. Saturday we took a walk to the promenade. My favorite store (Terry's Treasure's) is GONE!! Now where am I going to find funky, cool earrings in Sea Isle??
Maggie actually rolled up her pant legs & went in the ocean! The water temp was a balmy 48 degrees. She was lovin' it! Drove home Saturday evening and after bathtime, Mag tells me that her ear hurts. Hmmmm. We just got over a nasty ear infection 2 weeks ago. I gave her some tylenol & told her to suck it up. (not really, but what the heck was I going to do?)
She seemed better on Sunday, no fever, ate a TON of chocolate, was pleasant and happy....UNTIL (duh,duh....DUHHHH) bedtime. The screaming and whining began during the hair combing (she HATES that). She told me that she needed a cotton ball. For some reason, that seemed to help her pain the last time. Monday I was off from work and sure enough, she woke up whimpering that her ear huuurrrrt. There was dried up "ear-juice" her term, not mine in her hair and on the side of her face. Yup. An ear infection so bad that there was pus involved. The last ear infection had it too. We called the Doc & he put her on Bactrin(?) for 10 days and a follow up amoxicillan tablet. We go back to see him in June for a follow up and if there is any fluid in there, we can go to the EarNoseThroat doc for a consultation for tubes.

Here's a shot of Maggie in her Easter finery.

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DD said...

Ewwww to the ear pus. But I must say she has a nicer outfit than I did for Easter.

And I didn't even get gloves!

elle said...

Love the outfit! Too bad about the pus. Ow-ee, that must hurt. Poor kid.

Mayberry said...

She looks adorable in spite of the infection. Hope she feels better soon! My son has had a bunch that I didn't even know about (since he can't talk) until the "ear juice" arrived -- lovely, isn't it? So he's getting tubes next week. Fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

Little girls in gloves are the sweetest things ever. I can't wait until mine is old enough to not just tear them right off!


t_cole said...

if there is puss and blood - then the eardrum is perforated. ask me how i know...
which is good in a wierd way - it means less pressure on the eardrum b/c the goo can leak out. but it must have been a pretty bad infection to start with - to perforate in the beginning.
(no, i am not a doctor - but i play one on my blog)

listen Cat, Sam and Smith have tubes. She is on her third set. Smith got his when he was like 18 months old. after what we had been through with sam - he had two ear infections in six months and i had him at the ENT.

it's not a big deal. very easy and it makes future ear aches a TON less painful. just make sure you have a good ENT - i went through three b4 i found the right one!
hugs to the beautitul easter girl