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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Bitchin again

So I have NOT developed Gestational Diabetes.  Yay for me.  
I have, however; added 40 pounds to the wonderfulness that is me.  Yep 40.  FOUR ZERO POUNDS.  Dr K tried to cheer me up by telling me that at this point with Maggie I was 47 lbs more wonderful.  Yeah. didn’t work.   I’m healthy; my blood work is good, no excessive swelling (other than my ASS!!!  Ha-ha)  
Maybe it’s just because I work 8 hours a day, I get Mag from daycare, go home, start dinner, clean up, bath-time, bedtime, then I generally do the laundry or straighten the house, before I fall into bed at 11 pm.  I’m just not “active” enough to burn any calories.  Maybe it was the 3 pound tub of Chocolate Chunk cookie dough I bought from my niece.  

The hormones are starting to kick in full force this week.
I cried at work this morning.  One of the guys in the Import department screwed up a bill.  When I called him on it, he said that is should be an ACCOUNTING function to call the customer and verify.  WTF???  I’m supposed to call your customers and ask them WHY they didn’t pay a charge on their invoice that YOU entered and supposedly verified??  

Once the water works started, he felt really bad and apologized for making me cry (which only got me all teary-eyed again).

I feel like such a big, fat, lump that I have no motivation to make myself feel better about me.  I know that I am making a baby and I should SHUT UP and be happy, and I am.  Truly.  I just don’t like me right now.  At the rate I’m going, by the time I deliver, I will weigh 225.  Joe weighs 225.  Oh HAYLL NO!!  Can I go on Slim fast while pregnant??  
Kidding.  I’ll just have to try harder to eat better.  Maybe only 1 PB&J at lunch instead of 2.  Maybe it’s the fact that I’m all stopped up again…yeah, THAT’S IT!! There is 7 or 8 POUNDS of poo in me.  Sorry.  That was gross and uncalled for.  

Joe has promised Maggie that tonight they will go to the carnival in town.  He was kind enough to invite me along.  Well, GEE, thanks.  
He said, “Oh, well, I was thinking that you could use some quiet time.  I’ve noticed that you’re getting a little impatient with her lately.”  OOOOhhhh, so last night when she decided to eat ONLY cucumbers and pink milk for dinner, then cried because you wanted to watch American Idol instead of Monsters, Inc., then cried because it was bath-time, I was getting a little impatient???  Whatever.  (Sorry DD).
Hopefully by the time I pick her up from daycare and get home, make dinner, do the dishes and clean the kitchen, I’ll be a bit more pleasant to be around (but I doubt it)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


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Easter & Ear infections.... perfect together.

I had a long holiday weekend off. Maggie & I drove to the beach Thursday night. Friday was spent shopping & scrubbing. Saturday we took a walk to the promenade. My favorite store (Terry's Treasure's) is GONE!! Now where am I going to find funky, cool earrings in Sea Isle??
Maggie actually rolled up her pant legs & went in the ocean! The water temp was a balmy 48 degrees. She was lovin' it! Drove home Saturday evening and after bathtime, Mag tells me that her ear hurts. Hmmmm. We just got over a nasty ear infection 2 weeks ago. I gave her some tylenol & told her to suck it up. (not really, but what the heck was I going to do?)
She seemed better on Sunday, no fever, ate a TON of chocolate, was pleasant and happy....UNTIL (duh,duh....DUHHHH) bedtime. The screaming and whining began during the hair combing (she HATES that). She told me that she needed a cotton ball. For some reason, that seemed to help her pain the last time. Monday I was off from work and sure enough, she woke up whimpering that her ear huuurrrrt. There was dried up "ear-juice" her term, not mine in her hair and on the side of her face. Yup. An ear infection so bad that there was pus involved. The last ear infection had it too. We called the Doc & he put her on Bactrin(?) for 10 days and a follow up amoxicillan tablet. We go back to see him in June for a follow up and if there is any fluid in there, we can go to the EarNoseThroat doc for a consultation for tubes.

Here's a shot of Maggie in her Easter finery.

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Thursday, April 06, 2006


Maybe because we watched rodeo the other night, but this morning she wanted to wear her new cowboy(girl) boots. I try not to argue too much over what she wants to wear on any given day, (I WILL draw the line at thongs and tube tops).
While I was combing her hair I asked her if she wanted pony-tails to go with her boots; she said she wanted cowgirl hair. HUH? I replied. Cowgirl hair? What the heck is cowgirl hair????
She described it as follows: "It's all bumpy in da pony-tayel"
I figured out that she wanted braids. One of these days I'm going to have to learn how to do a French Braid for her.

Check out the new boots!!

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

What I really do at work

After reading Julies post about stuff we ate as kids, but would NEVAH feed to our children,
I was skimming through the comments and saw that someone posted that their husband eats Potted Meat.  This reminded me of a segment in one of the blogs I read that has NOTHING to do with pregnancy or babies.  This is ONE FUNNY GUY. Steve has this thing where he eats stuff you would probably never think to put in your mouth.  This is actual FOOD though.  People (somewhere) actually buy this stuff.  AND EAT IT!!  

Oh GOD!!  It’s so gross, yet I laugh so hard that I cry and snort & giggle hysterically (since I do this blogging stuff at work and can’t really laugh my ass off like I want to)

If you don’t have your boss sit right next to your office, or would like to laugh so hard that you cry, read this.  

Following is a snippet that Steve has posted on his sidebar:

This Wednesday night, shortly after 1 AM, the time and date will be 01:02:03 04/05/06. If you can't stay awake for that one, catch the repeat that afternoon. (Thanks, Mark)  

I thought that was kinda cool.

This post would be a PERFECT cure for insomnia

So I have NOTHING to post about.  I think I must be the most boring person on the planet.  

Last night I picked up Maggie from daycare, went to the market for dinner-stuffs as I forgot to take anything out of the freezer yesterday at lunch.  We ended up with Sloppy Joes, a salad, peas & carrots and Sponge Bob Popsicles for dessert.  Scintillating reading,  ‘aint it?

After dinner, we went to Home Depot to check out prices for a storage shed for the new trailer campground.  We had an $850. 8x8x8 shed at the old place, but the new place does not allow wood sheds.  SIGH.

H.D. had a 10 x 8 metal shed for $219.00.  We jumped all over THAT one.  Joe will pick it up on Thursday & go to the trailer Friday to set it up.  Oddly enough, they also had an 8 x 6 which would have been PERFECT for 343.00  WTF???  Makes no sense to me that the smaller shed is $124 MORE than the larger one.  

After H.D. we went home for bath & story time.  Mag’s new thing is that I have to lie down with her for a few minutes each night.  This started after I decided that Monsters Inc is a FINE movie for a 2 ½ year old.  It’s CUTE!  Right??
Sully is so furry & lovable with Boo.  Mike is sooo funny!  Apparently aforementioned 2 ½ y.o. decided that monsters are coming up the steps at night to GET HER!!!  Hence the “Lay wif me in my big girl bed, Mommy”  every night.  

I relish this.  I could snuggle & cuddle with that kid for DAYS!!  The problem is that I generally fall asleep as soon as I go horizontal these days.  I wake up with my contacts stuck to the top of my eye sockets; all confused because I’m not in my bed, with a sink full of dirty dishes to do.  

SO I stagger back downstairs to do the dishes, grumbling the whole time that NOBODY else would even think to lift a finger & put the damn dishes in the dishwasher!  What does he think gnomes come in at night & clean up??  
Then this morning had the NERVE to tell me that he’s running low on clean socks.  Hmm.  Do you think the Laundry Fairies will be paying a visit tonight?

That was my evening….what did you guys do???