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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Packin on the pounds.....

Dr K is gonna KILL ME!!!!!

My last OB appt I only gained 2.5 lbs. Yay right???

I went home at lunch today and stepped on the scale just for fun y’know???
According to my scale, I’ve gained 8 lbs this month! HOLY CRAP!!!
And HER scale weighs heavy anyway since I go there after work and you’re always heavier at night…..

Granted, I always gain A LOT of weight. I gained 44 lbs with Daboy, 68 with Maggie and so far with this one, I’ve packed on 28 lbs. I guess it’s a good thing that I “hide” my weight very well and I’m usually a very athletic, active person and I lose the weight pretty fast, but Jeez Laweeze, If I keep up at this pace, I’m going to be 200 lbs in July. I’m 5’6” tall and generally weigh in at 140 – 150 lbs. I think that’s ok don’t you??

The thing that’s getting to me is this: With this pregnancy, I only want to eat fruits & veggies. I eat a salad as lunch 3 days a week and a salad either with or AS dinner almost every night. Very light on the dressing and occasionally I’ll go “fancy” with a Chef salad. As for fruits, I’m eating a banana, an orange and an apple EVERY DAY! I went for 2 straight weeks where if I didn’t have fresh pineapple at least once a day, things got ugly. I drink nothing but water (and my cup of coffee every morning) all day. I swear, this kid’s gonna be a swimmer when he gets out! Seriously, I drink over a half gallon of water a day. PLUS the glass of milk with dinner each night. Should I cut back on the fruit? Too many carbs or whatever lives in fruit??

With Maggie, I can understand the weight gain as I had to have ice cream every night. And cake, oh God! The cakes I ate while carrying Mag…

So you tell me, O wise internets, WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING WRONG???
Granted, It’s still winter-ish here. And I have been cooped up in the house all winter.
So, the weight gain *could* be related to sedentary lifestyle (Dr K’s NOT gonna buy this), but it’s DARK out by the time I get home, someone has to cook dinner for everybody & then there’s housework, laundry, storytime, bathtime & then off to bed. Doesn’t leave a lot of time for walking or even exercising in my room. Maybe I could build an exercise routine that incorporates folding & hanging clothes or maybe running the vacuum???? Ideas? Suggestions???


DD said...

A friend of mine who was not gaining weight was told by her OB to eat watermelon every day. High sugar/calorie. My guess is the pineapple did you in.

The pounds thing is all relative. As long as you feel good and the baby is healthy, all should be good.

Kate W. said...

I suggest you eat a bag of Nestles Crunch Peanut butter Eggs like I have this week! Forget the veggies! :) I have no suggestions for you but are you retaining water? That could account for some weight gain... I agree with dd- the pound thing is all relative! Spring is coming you will be able to get out and walk. Put some of those PB eggs in your pocket...

elle said...

I have only gained 15 pds at 31 wks. I have been eating pretty well myself. I was told many times not to worry too much about the wt gain. As long as you are eating well, that's all that matters. Take care of yourself.

melissa said...

I uh, gained like 70 pounds with mine. I may not so much be a great advice giver. I ate Crunch bars every day. I HAD to.

I imagine with the warmer weather you'll get out more.

Or maybe the Nugget is on a righteous growth spurt that requires some serious calories from mama.

t_cole said...

you do need to talk to the doc about this. if you are eating as you say - where's the protein? and the carbs in fruit are low.
map out your diet.
write it all down. for a couple days. if you want to email it to me, i'll help you figure out how many of each exchange (serving) you should have.

8 pounds in one month on fruits and veggies does NOT sound right to me. you should be able to have at least 4 fruit servings in one day with NO prob at all. same on veggies.
grab some asparagus and put some lemon in your water to see if that helps with the fluid retention.

when i gained weight like this - i could blame it on the krispy kreme doughnuts. it i ate like you - i would have LOST weight and that would have been a GOOD thing.
ask you dr what your daily calorie count should be and i'll be glad to work up your exchanges for ya...

Lala said...

nuthin much to say because I lost weight and then stabilised and didn't start gaining until 7 months but talk to your doctor, doesn't sound like you're doing anything wrong except missing some protein.

The Queen Mama said...

I gained 40 pounds with my first two, but only thirty with my third. The biggest difference was that the first two times around, I ate a TON of carbs and way too much sugar. Third time around, I ate lots more protein and dairy, and lots of veggies. Really tried to limit my sweets and starches.

But oh well, what's done is done! Try not to fret too much about it...chasing two around will definitely help melt whatever pounds you gain.