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Friday, March 17, 2006

The hairstyle

So, if you look at the pic that was taken on Saturday, the previous post (st. Pat's headband)
You will notice that Mag could use a trim. I took her to the local Kid Kuttery last night & THIS is what we came home with.

I had asked the girl to just trim & clean up her bangs. Mag was having such a good time sitting in the chair & primping, when the stylist asked her if she wanted a blow-dry, Mag said, "Yes, I *do* want my hair dwyed*." When the drying was finished, the stylist asked her if she would like some curls to which Maggie replied, "Yes, I *do* want some culls* in my hair." With the smallest curling iron I have ever seen in my life, the stylist curls the ends up all around her head. She sat still for the whole thing even during the hair spray. She was so good through the whole thing that I caved and bought her a bag of M&M's (her FAVE) for the ride home. Notice the chocolate blob on her shirt??

Of course, she has been cursed with the fine, thin, crappy hair of her mother and the curls were long gone way before bedtime.

* imagine a 2 1/2 y.o. saying this without the use of the letter "R" Posted by Picasa


DD said...

Yep, I can appreciate the fine hair dilema...everyday...for the past 38 years.

melissa said...

so cute, the little diva

t_cole said...

precious angel baby girl