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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Books, Boobs and Pounds

So here’s what I’m reading:

Frankly Pregnant   by Stacy Quarty.

Truth is; I read the whole book the week I received it.  Now, I’m going back every Sunday to see what’s going to be happening the upcoming week.

It’s really quite an amusing book.  Not all sappy like the What to Expect book….(Although I get the emails every week from them, cause… Jeez people!  I’m pregnant… I needs me some of that sappy stuff!)
This girl tells it like it is.  What you’re hemorrhoids really look like, (eewww) right down to the emotional things like feelings about sex.  

I personally, have no desire for it right now.  A few weeks ago, sure!!  Right now, I just feel very unattractive and lumpy.  Joe hasn’t complained or anything, but I catch him checking out the rack every now and again.  And it IS GLORIOUS to behold!  People, there is CLEAVAGE!!  Without smooshing my arms together, I have actual Susan Sarandon type boobs!!  Woo hoo!!  Now, If I can just KEEP them after the Will gets here and lose the ginormous hips I’ll be SMOKIN on the beach this summer!  LOL!

So…..I went to the Dr’s last night.  I could feel my face turning red as stepped on the scale.  Anna (the P.A.) was asking me if I was having any swelling, and I couldn’t help it.  I said, “Apparently, only in my ass!”  She looked at the numbers, then the chart, back to the scale, then to me she says, “OOOOooooo you’re gonna get yelled at…..  Cat, how could you put on 11 lbs?”  (Dr’s scale weighs me at 3 lbs heavier than my scale at home)  I just looked at her & said Idunno…lucky I guess???

Dr K wasn’t as preachy as I thought she’d be.  She just said, yeah, well, things happen.  Don’t let it happen again ok??  Then she showed me my chart from the same time period with Maggie and I am STILL 12 lbs lighter than I was at this point with her so I guess that counts for something.

She even told me that as long as I feel good (I actually feel GREAT) and baby’s active & happy I shouldn’t worry about anything.  She gave me the slip for the Glucose screening which I won’t need to have done for another couple of weeks.  

This Saturday is the beginning of Daylight Savings Time.  THANK YOU Ben Franklin for thinking of this!  I Love DST!!  I don’t even care that I lose 1 hour of sleep the 1st day.  I get to see the SUN on my way home from work!  I can go outside after work!  Maybe I’ll take a walk after dinner & maybe not gain too much weight from here on in.  


DD said...

I actually had a comment recenlty from Stacy. I didn't know who it was so I followed the link. Sorry, but I'm not quite ready to read a whole book on pregnancy.

Blog posts, maybe. Whole book, nope.

I HATED the boob thing! Once I was able to actually slip a pencil under the boob and it stayed, I knew I was in trouble.

Glad you are feeling so good!

E said...

SO happy you didn't get yelled at too badly.
I too am excited about DST! Now it will really feel like Spring! I can't wait to work in the garden after work, take the dogs for walks without worrying about getting hit by a car.....