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Monday, February 27, 2006

My Paris in training....without the sex & booze

What a weekend.  
She partied aaaalllllll weekend.  We were out late Friday night as Joe had to work a midnight shift & we wanted to go out so he could have the house quiet and get some sleep before his shift.  We went to Kohl’s to spend a little time and money.

Saturday afternoon she went to Build a Bear for a birthday party.  Remind me to NEVER book a party there on a Saturday afternoon!!  What chaos!!  Maybe a Wednesday evening for maybe 5 kids……this lady had at least 10 people in the group. There is nowhere for the grownups to sit, it was about 90 degrees in the store; children running everywhere….maybe if I weren’t pregnant, it wouldn’t have bothered me so much.  After we built Seamus McBear (I “helped” with the name, she picked the bear).  We had a baby shower to attend.  The baby was already there.  The shower was supposed to be the 12th, but we had the snowstorm & the event was postponed.  Daniel was born 5 weeks early, but he looked wonderful, already tipping the scales at a nice healthy 7 lbs 9 oz.  

Yesterday was my niece’s first birthday party.  Maggie gets very jealous of Baby Grace.  I can’t talk to her, let her use my leg to climb up to a standing position or, God Forbid, hold her.  I honestly don’t know what we’re going to do come July.  Hopefully, she’ll be better adjusted to sharing me with her new brother/sister.

We have the ultrasound scheduled for Thursday so hopefully, I’ll be able to post that news.  


DD said...

What?! No hair extensions, either? What about Jimmy Choo shoes? I don't think you'll find those at Kohls. With the baby, I'm sure Maggie will be all over him/her because it will be HER baby. Things will be fine.

E said...

Your daughter has a better social life than I do!!!
Let us know how the ultrasound goes today!!!

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